No compromise with Jammu and Kashmir's special status: Mehbooba Mufti

No compromise with Jammu and Kashmir's special status: Mehbooba Mufti

The article, added to the Constitution by a Presidential Order in 1954, accords special rights and privileges to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and empowers its legislature to frame any law without attracting a legal challenge. 

Aug 11, 2017, 15:54 PM IST
China won't 'compromise' on Doklam: PLA analysts

China won't 'compromise' on Doklam: PLA analysts

The Chinese military scholars also kept on harping that India has "trespassed" into Chinese territory and there was no basis for it to send its soldiers when Bhutan has "not invited" New Delhi to act on its behalf.


Aug 10, 2017, 13:00 PM IST

Special: Casting Couch, the harsh reality of Bollywood!

Watch our special programme on the dark side of Bollywood, Casting Couch .

Feb 11, 2015, 19:14 PM IST
Manoj Bajpayee not ready to compromise on money

Manoj Bajpayee not ready to compromise on money

National Award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee compromised on remuneration for good roles, but says he will not do it any more.

Dec 02, 2014, 15:23 PM IST

Tunisia compromise may head off govt crisis

Tunisia`s ruling Islamists have agreed to an initiative by the country`s main labour union to avert the brewing political crisis by eventually forming a government of technocrats, a top union official said.

Aug 23, 2013, 09:24 AM IST

Will prefer to quit than compromise with principles: Nitish

Apparently hinting at JDU`s relation with NDA partner BJP, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said he will not compromise with his principles `at any cost`.

Apr 30, 2013, 01:13 AM IST

Govt denies compromise talks with Army Chief

The government on Friday night ruled out any compromise with Army
Chief Gen VK Singh over his age issue which has been dragged
to the Supreme Court.

Jan 20, 2012, 21:38 PM IST

Madonna says compromise is key in relationship

Madonna believes that compromise is the key to making a relationship work.

Jan 18, 2012, 18:43 PM IST

Lokpal compromises investigation autonomy: CBI

The Lokpal Bill in its present form has not gone down well with the CBI whose officials feel that the investigation autonomy has been "compromised".

Dec 23, 2011, 21:18 PM IST

‘No compromise’ in serious offences: SC

Serious offences, like attempt to
murder, cannot be settled through compromise deals and the
accused must suffer conviction and imprisonment, the Supreme
Court has held, rejecting the plea of two warring groups.

Nov 20, 2011, 11:38 AM IST

Madonna reveals ‘compromise’ is key to successful relationship

Madonna has revealed that it took her two divorces to figure out that “compromise” and “sacrifice” are two key elements to make a relationship successful.

Sep 09, 2011, 16:32 PM IST

No compromise on corruption: Arvind Kejriwal

As the nation rallies behind Anna Hazare and his civil society, its members have become more resolute in their fight against corruption.

Aug 19, 2011, 15:39 PM IST

`No compromise on structure of the Constitution`

Congress said there could be no compromise on the basic structure
of the Constitution and wondered why Anna and his friends do
not understand a fact even a school child can.

Aug 04, 2011, 21:50 PM IST

No compromise on statehood: Telangana Cong leaders

Asserting that there would be no
compromise on the demand for a separate Telangana, Congress
leaders from the region on Thursday demanded that the Centre take a
quick decision on the issue.

Jul 15, 2011, 00:04 AM IST

Akshay compromises on his price for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 4’

Even the biggest of superstars at times do things uncanny to their personality to safeguard their interests. And it is Akshay Kumar’s time to do something that is quite difficult to digest. Buzz has it that the actor has negotiated his price to rejoin reality TV adventure show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 4’. But, fearing he might lose the contract, Khiladi Kumar thought it was best to compromise on his price.

Apr 04, 2011, 11:58 AM IST

Congress not to compromise on security of Assam: Sonia

The Congress will not
compromise on the security and integrity of Assam and the
country, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi asserted on Friday and
rubbished the accusation that her party encouraged influx of

Apr 01, 2011, 20:42 PM IST

Cases can be quashed if feuding family members compromise: HC

Madras HC bench here has ruled that in instances where members of the same family have registered cases against each other, the cases can be quashed if the parties had arrived at a compromise.

Mar 26, 2011, 23:30 PM IST

2G scam a national security threat? CBI to probe

The CBI has begun probing if
the 2G spectrum scam compromised the country`s internal
security and would apprise the Supreme Court of its findings
on March 15; the agency told a Delhi court on Tuesday.

Mar 08, 2011, 23:15 PM IST

Compromise spirit at climate talks in last days

A spirit of compromise seems to have settled over the annual UN climate conference.

Dec 07, 2010, 15:39 PM IST

Israel `ready to compromise` on settlements

Israel raised the possibility of a compromise on settlement construction just ahead of the scheduled ending of curbs that threatened to derail US-backed Middle East peace talks.

Sep 24, 2010, 18:14 PM IST