LatAm cyber attacks rise as Peru, Brazil hackers link up with Russians

Cyber attacks and cyber espionage are on the rise in Latin America, and the source of much of it is Brazilian hackers and Peruvian recent university graduates linking up with Russian-speaking experts, according to Internet security analysts.

John Kerry says China and Russia `very likely` reading his emails

US Secretary of State John Kerry accused China and Russia of "very likely" reading his emails Tuesday, adding that the US has and will continue to discuss cyber attacks with China.

US airs deep concerns over cyber security in China meetings
US airs deep concerns over cyber security in China meetings

 The United States said on Tuesday that cyber theft sponsored by the Chinese government was a major problem and stressed the need to keep Asian sea lanes open as the world`s two biggest economies held annual talks aimed at maintaining working relations in spite of rising tensions.

Emergency response cells to counter cyber attacks

 The defence services have set up cyber emergency response teams to prevent and react to cyber attacks, government told the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday against the backdrop of hacking of the defence accounts website.

Next-generation tele-operated robots can be hacked
Next-generation tele-operated robots can be hacked

If you feel that your car`s remote-controlled security system is full-proof, you may be wrong as a team of engineers has shown how easily a malicious attack could hijack remotely-controlled operations in the future.

'Confidential information secured in India from cyber attacks'

The central government has taken a number of steps to protect confidential information in the defence sector from cyber attacks, Defence Minister Manhohar Parrikar told the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Cyber attacks being launched from China, other nations: Ravi Shankar Prasad

 Cyber attacks are being launched from China and some other nations to penetrate computer networks of government organisations in India, Parliament was informed on Wednesday.

End 'hair-trigger' alert for US, Russian nukes: Study

 Former US and Russian commanders Thursday called for scrapping "hair-trigger" alerts on nuclear weapons that carry grave risks of a potential atomic disaster -- especially in an age of cyber attacks.

Army of forensic experts needed to thwart cyber attacks: Gujarat CM Anandi Patel

Gujarat Chief Minister Anandi Patel today expressed the need to have an "army" of forensic experts to tackle the challenge of cyber attacks in future.

Experts warn of critical shortage of cybercrime experts

Experts warned at a conference in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday of a critical shortage of global specialists trained to confront increasingly malicious cyber security threats.

Pentagon's new cyber strategy cites US ability to retaliate

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter is due to unveil an updated cyber strategy on Thursday that will stress the military`s ability to retaliate with cyber weapons, a capability he hopes will help deter attacks.

US `aggressively` raising cybersecurity with China: Official

 Washington is "aggressively" warning Beijing over the repercussions of its demand that US tech firms should hand over their encryption keys if they want to do business in China, a top US official said Tuesday.

Beijing behind Internet security violation: Group
Beijing behind Internet security violation: Group

China's cyberspace administration is "complicit" in attacks on major Internet companies including Google, an anti-censorship group said today, calling on firms worldwide to step up their defences.

Over 36,000 websites subjected to cyber attacks in China
Over 36,000 websites subjected to cyber attacks in China

Over 36,000 websites and 40,000 webpages were subjected to cyber attacks in China last year, according to a new report.

US spymaster warns over low-level cyber attacks

A steady stream of low-level cyber attacks poses the most likely danger to the United States rather than a potential digital "armageddon," US intelligence director James Clapper said on Thursday.

Mobile phone users' data at risk of attacks: McAfee
Mobile phone users' data at risk of attacks: McAfee

Cellphones with mobile apps could be potential target of cyber attacks globally and subscribers' data including usernames and passwords are at risk, security software maker McAfee said Tuesday.

Cyber attacks on Israel traced to Gaza: Researchers

A series of cyber attacks against Israel since mid-2013 appears to be coming from "Arab parties located in the Gaza Strip" and elsewhere, US security researchers say.

India is best partner to combat shared cyber threats: US
India is best partner to combat shared cyber threats: US

The US wants India to be its "best partner" to combat "shared" cyber crime threats in specific sectors of finance, infrastructure and energy, a top American official said here Tuesday.

Japan, wary of N Korea, works to secure infrastructure after Sony attack

Japan, fearing it could be a soft target for possible North Korean cyberattacks in the escalating row over the Sony Pictures hack, has begun working to ensure basic infrastructure is safe and to formulate its diplomatic response, officials said.

China opposes cyber attacks
China opposes cyber attacks

 China is opposed to countries or individuals that launch cyber attacks on a third country from foreign soil, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Monday.