China Police arrest 30,000 in cyber crime crackdown

 The man in the olive drabs and oversized Soviet-style military cap who strode through South Korea`s main airport last week has climbed from an obscure desk job in North Korea to the most powerful position outside the ruling Kim family.

Taiwan PM warns China cyber attack threat growing

Taiwan`s premier warned Tuesday of increasing cyber attacks from China, the island`s highest-ranking official to denounce attempts to "steal government secrets" despite warming cross-strait relations.

China says US hacking charges `fabricated out of thin air`

Beijing on Thursday strongly denied a US congressional panel`s claim that Chinese government-linked hackers had launched dozens of cyberattacks on American defence contractors, saying the charges were "fabricated out of thin air".

NIIT, EC Council to train 15,000 as ethical hackers in India
NIIT, EC Council to train 15,000 as ethical hackers in India

With rising incidents of cyber attacks on individuals, government and enterprises, IT training firm NIIT has joined hands with EC Council to skill up to 15,000 people over the next 3 years on ethical hacking.

DNA: Will Modi-Amit magic work in Maharashtra & Haryana as well?

Haryana and Maharashtra will go to polls on October 15 and the results will be declared on October 19, Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath announced on Friday.

Software that prevents cyber attacks

To prevent cyber attack software from capturing vulnerable servers, scientists have developed a free defence software that can inhibit the identification of systems by such programmes.

CERT-In reports over 62,000 cyber attacks till May 2014: Govt

Government`s cyber security arm Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) reported 62,189 cyber security incidents in the first five months of the current calendar year, Parliament was informed today.

Hacker turned FBI informant `Sabu` walks free

A convicted computer hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, popularly known as Sabu, has walked free after he helped the US authorities foil hundreds of cyber attacks.

IIT Delhi graduate develops tools to counter cyber attacks

Sanjam Garg, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, has won the 2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award for developing a technique to protect against cyber attacks.

Japan, EU to launch dialogue on cybersecurity: Draft

Japan and the European Union (EU) will agree to launch a dialogue to boost cybersecurity next month amid suspected cyber attacks from Chinese entities.

69% cyber attacks targeted at large companies in India: Report

Despite stepped up information security measures, businesses in India continue to be an attractive target for cybercriminals with as many as 69 percent targeted attacks being focused on large enterprises, a report said here Thursday.

President Xi heads China`s internet security group

President Xi Jinping will head a newly formed body aimed at protecting China from cyber attacks.

Govt, industry to spend about Rs 500 cr on cyber training

The government and the industry will spend about Rs 500 crore for creating workforce of 5 lakh professionals skilled in cyber security domain in the next five years, a senior government official said today.

Russian teen behind Target data breach

The Russian teenager thought to be behind the mega data breach that hit Target Corp. might be misidentified, a security analyst has pointed out.

Asia Pacific most targeted by advanced cyber attacks globally

Asia Pacific is more likely to be targeted by advanced cyber attacks compared to the world as a whole, according to a recent research.

40 mn credit cards imperilled in cyber attack on US retail giant Target

Payment details of up to 40 million credit cards have been stolen after they were used in the stores of U.S. retail giant Target.

India fourth most vulnerable to cyber attacks on gamers in 2013

India is among the four countries that faced the highest number of cyber attacks aimed at gamers in 2013, security solutions provider Kaspersky Lab said.

2 charged with hacking Singapore Prime Minister`s website

Two brothers were charged on Friday with compromising the website of Singapore Prime Minister, in fresh crackdown against a spate of recent cyber attacks in the city-state.

Microsoft joins move to encrypt web traffic

Microsoft is joining the movement to encrypt traffic that flows across its networks, citing "serious concerns" about government surveillance.

Chicago hacker tied to Anonymous given 10 years in prison

A Chicago computer hacker tied to the group known as Anonymous was sentenced on Friday to 10 years in prison for cyber attacks on various government agencies and businesses, including a global intelligence company.