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Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa hospitalised with fever, dehydration

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa hospitalised with fever, dehydration

The 68-year-old AIADMK chief was taken to Apollo Hospitals here late last night and her condition is stated to be "stable" now, the hospital said, adding she is "under observation".

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, was dehydrated at 9/11 event: Doctor

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, was dehydrated at 9/11 event: Doctor

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been suffering from pneumonia and "became overheated and dehydrated" during a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in New York on Sunday, but is "recovering nicely," her doctor said.

Try these home-made flavoured water to beat dehydration!

Do you think you drink enough water to dehydrate yourself? Well,everyone should drink minimum eight glasses of water daily as it will help to hydrates our body.

Five surprising health benefits of staying hydrated!

Water is so important to help maintain temperature, remove waste and regulate all bodily fuctions.  

Here is why you should drink coconut water!

Who doesn't like to have a sip of coconut water? Well, everyone does as it is considered as one of the healthiest drinks and also gives many health benefits. 

7 things you should do when you have food poisoning!

 Here are a few tips that can minimise your discomfort and help you recover fast from food poisoning.

Sonia Gandhi dehydrated, condition stable: Medical bulletin

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is dehydrated but stable, said Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where she was shifted today from Army's Research and Referral Hospital.

Know the causes of muscle cramps!

Muscle cramps happens quite common to all of us and we tend to ignore it until they bother us frequently.

Eat these vegetables to beat dehydration!

Eat these vegetables to beat dehydration!

Dehydration issues? Know these early symptoms!

Dehydration usually occurs when our body does not have as much water as it should.

Side effects of consuming too much salt!

Do you have the habit of putting extra salt in your food? If yes, then stop doing so as consuming too much of salt is not good for health.

These are the reasons why people faint!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered of what could be the reason behind fainting? Well, we all must have come across certain person in our life who seems perfectly fit and healthy but suddenly without any reason they started to lose their consciousness.

Keep your body hydrated with lemon water this summer!

Lemon water or Nimbu paani, as it is popularly known in India, is considered as the best fluid that can keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Beware! Global warming may accelerate chronic kidney disease

With rise in temperature worldwide, dehydration and heat stress are likely to take a toll on the kidneys, emerging as a major cause of poor kidney health in the near future.

Watch video: Stay hydrated with timer based water bottle caps!

Watch video: Stay hydrated with timer based water bottle caps!

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Mishra

​New Delhi: In this fast paced life we often forget to drink enough water. From office going folks, women working 24* 7 at home to people staring at computers all the day, we constanly hear that they simply forget to drink water.

Heat wave in India: Useful tips and safety guidelines!

Here are a few tips to keep you safe and healthy from the harsh summer sun.

Know why you feel thirsty

Mechanism that induces thirst discovered.

Dizziness after standing may signal brain diseases!

If you often feel dizzy, faint or light-headed after getting up, these symptoms could indicate greater risk of developing brain disease such as Parkinson's or dementia, and even an increased risk of death, warns a new study.

German ex-chancellor Schmidt leaves hospital after dehydration

Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, 96, was released Sunday from a hospital where he had been treated for dehydration during a summer heatwave.

Former German chancellor Schmidt in hospital `for dehydration`

Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, 96, is being treated in hospital for dehydration, reports said Saturday.