Fox website warns of `zombie day` after internal error

The website of Fox News reportedly went into a funny-scary mode then it started posting stories with headlines claiming `World Zombie Day` to bring out the living dead and Apple unveiling a `Maverick Sea Lion`, after what was revealed as an internal error.

Sofia Vergara reveals struggle with thyroid cancer

Sofia Vergara, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28, has opened up about her battle with the disease.

Hillary Clinton, Rice top poll of likely US presidential contenders

Hillary Clinton and Rice were one and two in a Fox News national survey that simply asked whether this "person would make a good president or not?"

US: Footage of man committing suicide aired live on TV

American broadcast network, Fox News, aired the final moments of a car chase in Arizona, which showed a man shoot himself in the head, as hundreds of Americans watched it live on the television channel.

Al Qaeda leaders hated Fox News

Al Qaeda leaders used to hate the American news network Fox News, documents obtained from Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound in Pak have revealed.

Fox wins nightly TV ratings behind "X-Factor"

ABC`s suffering "Charlie`s Angels" revamp received a glimmer of hope Thursday night.

Fox News hired Sarah Palin ‘because she was hot’

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has revealed that he hired Sarah Palin, not because of her political experience, but because she was hot and got good ratings.

Fox News-Google debate puts network back on top

Fox News is back on top. Take a second to process that before you faint out of shock.

Fox roasted for calling Obama party a Hip-Hop BBQ

Fox News has come under fire for making racial remarks in an article about Obama`s birthday bash.

Fox News ran secret ‘black operations’ department?

Dan Cooper said a ‘brain room’ carried out ‘counter intelligence’ on Fox News` enemies from NY HQs.

Fox News` twitter hacks declare Obama dead

The hacked account announced
that Prez Barack Obama had been shot dead on America`s
national day.

Bill defends himself after ‘Muslims’ comment

Bill has defended himself after the ‘Muslims’ comment he made on ‘The View’.

Aniston hits back at Fox News

Jen has hit out at Fox News host for calling her `destructive to society`.