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Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox bids $14 billion for UK's Sky

Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox bids $14 billion for UK's Sky

 Rupert Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox Inc has struck a preliminary deal to buy the 61 percent of British pay-TV firm Sky Plc it does not already own for around $14 billion, five years after a political scandal wrecked a previous bid.

US Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton takes six-point lead over Donald Trump, says latest poll

US Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton takes six-point lead over Donald Trump, says latest poll

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, has a six-point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump, according to a latest Fox News poll which comes just three weeks before the general election.

Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing 'terrorists',  again

Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing 'terrorists', again

Donald Trump has praised late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for killing off "terrorists," reprising previous comments in support of dictators in the Middle East.

Donald Trump steps up attacks with ''bimbo'' tweet before Fox News debate

Donald Trump steps up attacks with ''bimbo'' tweet before Fox News debate

 US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday escalated a fight with Fox News, using the word "bimbo" in a derogatory tweet about anchorwoman Megyn Kelly after pulling out of a debate only days before the first nominating contest of the 2016 campaign.

Obama used 'raw onion' to cry during gun control speech: Fox News

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said that President Barack Obama had used a “raw onion” to cry fake tears to show his pain he feels for the shooting victims during his press conference on gun violence.

World's first human head transplant scheduled for 2017

An Italian-Chinese medical team plans to perform the world's first head transplant on a 30-year-old Russian computer scientist in China and the proceedure may take place by December, 2017.

James Murdoch says family is united as he takes helm of Fox

James Murdoch, who will take the helm of television company Twenty-First Century Fox next week, said there was little he and his father Rupert did not agree on with respect to the future of the family media empire.

Fox makes room for second-tier White House hopefuls

With the number of Republicans in the 2016 White House race already in double digits, organizers have struggled to resolve how to give all candidates sufficient debate time in the campaign`s early months.

Fox apologizes after pundit's remarks about English city

US broadcaster Fox News has issued at least two on-air apologies for comments made by a pundit who described the English city of Birmingham as "totally Muslim."

David Cameron brands Fox News terror expert an 'idiot'

 An American "terrorism expert" who claimed that Birmingham is a Muslim-only city has been labelled a "complete idiot" by the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Microsoft builds support over Ireland email case

Microsoft said Monday it had secured broad support from a coalition of influential technology and media firms as it seeks to challenge a US ruling ordering it to hand over emails stored on a server in Ireland.

US commando who killed Bin Laden to reveal identity

The US Navy Seal commando who fired the shots which killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is to reveal his identity in a Fox News television documentary next month, the network announced Wednesday.

Fox website warns of `zombie day` after internal error

The website of Fox News reportedly went into a funny-scary mode then it started posting stories with headlines claiming `World Zombie Day` to bring out the living dead and Apple unveiling a `Maverick Sea Lion`, after what was revealed as an internal error.

Sofia Vergara reveals struggle with thyroid cancer

Sofia Vergara, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28, has opened up about her battle with the disease.

Hillary Clinton, Rice top poll of likely US presidential contenders

Hillary Clinton and Rice were one and two in a Fox News national survey that simply asked whether this "person would make a good president or not?"

US: Footage of man committing suicide aired live on TV

American broadcast network, Fox News, aired the final moments of a car chase in Arizona, which showed a man shoot himself in the head, as hundreds of Americans watched it live on the television channel.

News Corp considers splitting into two separate units

Global media and entertainment group News Corp, which has good presence in India, Tuesday said it was considering to split the businesses into two distinct publicly traded companies.

Al Qaeda leaders hated Fox News

Al Qaeda leaders used to hate the American news network Fox News, documents obtained from Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound in Pak have revealed.

Fox wins nightly TV ratings behind "X-Factor"

ABC`s suffering "Charlie`s Angels" revamp received a glimmer of hope Thursday night.

Fox News hired Sarah Palin ‘because she was hot’

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has revealed that he hired Sarah Palin, not because of her political experience, but because she was hot and got good ratings.