Our website one of most targeted by hackers in India: BJP

Bhartiya Janta Party's (BJP) portal and the personal website of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are among India's most targeted sites by hackers.

JPMorgan bank could be latest target of hackers
JPMorgan bank could be latest target of hackers

The largest bank in the US and sixth largest in the world, JPMorgan, and several other banks could be the latest target of hackers.

Indexeus search engine can expose hackers` credentials

Indexeus, a new search engine, enables users to look up login credentials from over a hundred hacks, including the recent high-profile Adobe and Yahoo dumps.

Rama Rao urges industry to partner Govt to curb cyber crimes

Telangana Minister today asked the industry to collaborate with the government to combat cyber crimes while stressing on the need to have a dedicated workforce to defeat the hackers.

Hackers break into Brazil foreign ministry email system

Hackers penetrated Brazil`s foreign ministry internal email system but failed to get access to confidential government documents and cables, a ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

US, South African police smash cybercrime network

South African police today said they have smashed an international cybercrime network operating out of Pretoria which led to 20 arrests in a joint operation with the United States.

Global crackdown nabs 90 `BlackShades` webcam spies

An international crackdown by the FBI and police in 19 countries has exposed a malware called "Blackshades" that enabled hackers around the world to secretly and remotely control victims` computers.

69% cyber attacks targeted at large companies in India: Report

Despite stepped up information security measures, businesses in India continue to be an attractive target for cybercriminals with as many as 69 percent targeted attacks being focused on large enterprises, a report said here Thursday.

China faces security risks after Windows XP demise

China is trying to counter possible security risks for state agencies after Microsoft stopped providing security updates for the Windows XP operating system, a government official said here today.

Hacker retrieves private security keys using `Heartbleed`

Content distribution network Cloudflare has reportedly announced that the "Heartbleed" bug may not be as bad as feared, after a hacker used the bug to successfully retrieve a website`s private security keys.

Tumblr adds two-step authentication for its users to enhance security

In view of growing cyber crime and the threat that it poses to the online community, microblogging and social media site Tumblr has reportedly added a two-step authentication method for its users in a bid to keep hackers at bay, thus enhancing their security.

Hackers` black market is a growing threat to govts, bizs: Rand

Black markets that sell computer hacking tools and services like stolen credit card numbers continue to grow, posing a growing hazard to governments, businesses and individuals, a study by RAND Corporation said.

EA games web server hacked to steal Apple IDs, credit card details

A web server of the games firm Electronic Arts (EA), has been reportedly used by hackers to host a fake Apple login screen, aimed at stealing Apple ID usernames, passwords and credit card details, a security firm said.

Ukrainian hackers claim responsibility for cyber attack on NATO website

Pro-Russian Ukrainian hackers have reportedly claimed responsibility for exploiting several NATO web sites.

Hackers knock out Kremlin`s website

In what is seen as `hacktivisim,` cyber criminals reportedly hacked Kremlin website, apart from the central bank and Foreign Ministry website.

Twitter resets users` passwords `by mistake`

Microblogging site Twitter reportedly sent emails to thousands of its users, prompting them to change their passwords, but later clarified that the emails were sent accidentally.

UK`s top hackers to compete for cyber security prize

As the attack on cyberspace worsens day by day, top hackers of UK will be competing in a challenge to test cyber security.

CBI arrests man who `hacked` over 900 accounts for a fee

In first of its kind international operation, CBI on Friday cracked down on hacking hubs at multiple locations in Mumbai, Pune and Ghaziabad on inputs received from the US probe agency FBI, arresting one person under the violation of Information Technology Act.

Shashi Tharoor`s Twitter account hacked, temporarily deactivated

The Twitter account of Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor was hacked on Wednesday evening forcing the minister to temporarily deactivate his official account till the matter is resolved.

Kaspersky Labs say online gamers targeted by hackers

PC gamers around the world have suffered 11.7 million attacks in 2013, Kaspersky labs experts said.