Preemies may be at osteoporosis risk in adulthood: Study

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, the mother's body transfers calcium to the growing foetus to boost its bone development. 

Your depressed better-half can make you sad too!

These signs of frailty and depression are mostly found in older couples around the age of 65 years and older.  

Good health is the name of the game for Virat Kohli – Check out his fitness mantra!

The pride of Indian cricket has definitely given the game a 'Kohli makeover' and continues to slay his fans with his moves on the field.  

Check it out: This is how Anant Ambani lost 108 kg weight in 18 months!

Bollywood celebrities and fitness experts can't help but shower the 21-year old with praise and appreciation on achieving this feat.

World Parkinson's Disease Day: Familiarise yourself with the condition

With World Parkinson's Disease Day today, it becomes essential to learn about this disease that is on the rise around the globe and has turned into a progressive and incurable illness.

Watch: All you need to know about hand reflexology!

Simple and more ancient practices somehow seem more reliable than harsh, complex and expensive drugs.

Watch: Switch your regular salt with Pink Himalayan Salt for better health!

There is one type of salt that has suddenly become a rage across the world for its purifying qualities and health benefits. 

Jaggery tea: Drink up the hot cup of healthy wonder!

Instead of sugar, simply add jaggery to your hot cuppa and let it do its work.  

HealthCare Global Rs 650 crore IPO oversubscribed

The IPO of cancer-care network operator HealthCare Global Enterprises was oversubscribed 1.24 times till afternoon on the last day of the offer today.

Watch: This is why you should drink warm water every morning!

Water is an essential part of our daily lives and however hard we may try, we always seem to fall short of the adequate amount to keep us hydrated.

How much sleep do you need?

Studies show that the lacuna between getting just enough sleep and getting too little sleep may impact your mood, your health, your weight and even your sex life.  

Watch: What type of headache do you suffer from? This is what it can mean!

They can range from light, mild headaches to strong throbbing ones.

Watch: 20 tricks for sitting at your desk without hurting your back

Did you know that your sitting posture and even the way your desk at work is set up, is responsible for the health problems that you face?

Union Budget 2016: What's in store for healthcare?

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday announced that the government will provide health insurance of up to Rs1 lakh per family.

Digital 'magic wand' to improve healthcare, cybersecurity

Digital 'magic wand' to improve healthcare, cybersecurity

One of the main challenges is that most people do not know how to set up and maintain a secure network in their home, which can lead to compromised or stolen data or potentially allow hackers access to critical devices such as heart rate monitors or dialysis machines.

 Budget 2016: Healthcare providers like Apollo and Fortis want 10-year tax holiday on new hospitals

Budget 2016: Healthcare providers like Apollo and Fortis want 10-year tax holiday on new hospitals

Ahead of the Budget, healthcare service providers including Apollo and Fortis , have sought incentive packages, including ten year tax holiday on hospital projects, saying it will encourage investments in the sector.

India needs to urgently resolve healthcare issues: Experts

 India urgently needs to resolve issues pertaining to its healthcare sector in the light of the gross neglect the sector has witnessed over the years, experts have suggested.

DNA: Analysis of the biggest challenges facing India in 2016

Check out the challenges such as illiteracy, issues with healthcare sector etc which are to be faced by the India in 2016.

Indian scientists map gut bacteria of 15 tribes for better health

Gut bacteria and the human microbiome are red hot topics right now. In 2015, a major chunk of research was directed on these tiny companions that live inside and on human bodies and as links to obesity, brain and cardiac health emerged, it became clear that they are much more important than previously thought.

New Practo app to provide specialist healthcare

 Asia's leading healthcare platform Practo on Thursday announced the launch of Practo Ray -- a customised app that will provide specialty specific modules for physicians, paediatricians and dentists to begin with.