African Union pledges Ebola fund, as Oxfam calls for `Marshall Plan`

The African Union plans to launch an Ebola Solidarity Fund, officials said Wednesday, as aid agency Oxfam warned the continent`s leaders needed to keep their promises to boost healthcare.

Health status of a nation can be assessed by IMR, MMR: Haryana CM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Sunday said that the status of healthcare of any country could be assessed by its statistics of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR).

Affordability of healthcare a serious problem: Hamid Ansari

 Affordability of health care is a serious problem for the vast majority of population with the healthcare workforce being inadequate and underutilised, Vice President Hamid Ansari said on Wednesday.

Health Ministry likely to face massive Rs 6000 crore budget cut

 The Health Ministry budget is likely to face a massive Rs 6000-crore cut on account of non- utilisation of the entire budgetary allocation even as its Minister J P Nadda on Wednesday maintained that no flagship programme will be affected due to the downsizing.

Jobs that affect chances of getting married and divorced revealed
Jobs that affect chances of getting married and divorced revealed

The profession you are in can seriously affect the chances of you getting married and divorced, says a new study.

63 million people faced with poverty due to healthcare expenditure

A whopping 63 million people are faced with poverty every year due to "catastrophic" expenditure over healthcare which neutralises the gains of rising income and various government schemes aimed to reduce poverty, according to the Health Ministry.

Govt needs to take healthcare to doorsteps of people: Naik

The government needs to take healthcare to doorsteps of people to make 'health for all' a reality, MoS for Ayush, Shripad Yesso Naik said on Wednesday.

Even healthcare professionals struggle to identify obesity like common people

A new study has revealed that majority of people including healthcare professionals struggle to identify obesity.

Hot flushes are going unrecognised leaving women vulnerable: Study

Hot flushes are one of the most distressing conditions faced by women who have been treated for breast cancer, but they are not being adequately addressed by healthcare professionals and some women consider giving up their post cancer medication to try and stop them, a new study by the University of Southampton has shown.

India needs affordable healthcare: Prasad

India needs to have a good network of hospitals which are affordable to common man, Minister for Communication and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said Tuesday.

India to ratify protocol to promote innovation in agri, healthcare

 India will ratify a new supplementary protocol which promotes innovation in agricultural and healthcare research and development that is safe for the environment and human beings.

Kerala to get Public Health Protection Agency

Congress-led UDF government in Kerala has proposed a new initiative for addressing social and technical issues related to all major health challenges of the state.

Preventive healthcare important to cut medical bills: PM Modi
Preventive healthcare important to cut medical bills: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated a hospital in Mumbai and said that India's high child mortality rate is serious issue.

Ebola may change how aid is spent on healthcare in Africa

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has exposed major gaps in development aid, prompting a rethink of the balance between building health systems and tackling specific diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Dearth of doctors drags on China private healthcare drive

As China tries to privatize an overburdened public healthcare system, private hospitals face a shortage ... of doctors.

New test pinpoints people susceptible to stress

Scientists have revealed that they have found a way to identify those most susceptible to stress, which can prove to be a huge help for healthcare professionals.

Expenditure on health must rise significantly: President

Calling India's expenditure on the health sector "woefully meagre", President Pranab Mukherjee Friday said the country needed a holistic healthcare system that is universally accessible, affordable and effective.

India's healthcare in dismal condition: Report

 India ranks the lowest in the world on several health indicators and a large part of the country's population has little or no access to good quality healthcare, according to a report released here Wednesday.

UP Govt taking steps to deal with health-related challenges: Akhilesh Yadav

 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today said his government was taking effective steps to deal with health-related challenges and has started several schemes for the purpose.