Health hazards of high fashion
Health hazards of high fashion

Six-inch stilettos, over-sized heavy handbags or toothpick-tight jeans may be trendy, but have you ever thought what all health side-effects they are having on your body?

Kimberley Walsh quits heels

Singer Kimberley Walsh has ditched her high heels as she is seven months pregnant. Walsh, 32, said she would prefer comfort over style at this stage of her life, reportedly.

Jazz up your look with statement heels

If the right wardrobe is a must during summer, footwear is equally important and this season add a pair of bright statement heels.

Tips to make high heels wearable

Walking comfortably in high heels is not everyone’s cup of tea. Try to roughen up the sole, give your shoes a test drive before you walk out wearing them or spray your feet with deodorant to ease out the experience, says an expert.

High heels are hazardous, but a `must have`

A pair of high heels is like a must for every woman as it makes them look chic and classy.

Reasons why women should not wear high heels

A podiatrist has provided ample reasons for why women should not wear high heels.

High heels can cause permanent injury

High heels may cause permanent injury, with most women suffering pain in just over an hour of wearing height-enhancing footwear, a new study has found.

Jessica Simpson ditches high heels for second pregnancy

essica Simpson, who is expecting her second child with fiance Eric Johnson, has given away high heels and is apparently practicing walking in flats.

Sarah Jessica Parker`s `feet deformed` from years of wearing high heels

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she has replaced her heels with sneakers on doctor`s orders as her feet have got deformed from years of wearing high heels.

Naomi Campell gives up on heels following Paris mugging

Naomi Campell, who was reportedly robbed in Paris, stepped out in flats for the NBC Universal 2013 Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour after-party in California.

Hell over heels

According to some researchers, wearing high heels is even worse than smoking.

Hell over heels

According to some researchers, wearing high heels is even worse than smoking.

No more heels for Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue admits motherhood has taken its toll on her dress sense, with high heels being a thing of the past.

Christine Bleakley holds on to fiance as she battles ice in high heels

Christine Bleakley was seen leaving the ‘Dancing on Ice’ studios with Frank Lampard following last Sunday’s show.

Beware girls! High heels can damage your leg muscles

Wearing high heels regularly may change the way a woman walks, even after they take them off.

Denise Richards designs sparking high heels for charity

Denise Richards is designing her very own pair of high heels for ShoeDazzle, the proceeds of which would go to charity.

High heels to be blamed for flat feet but a cure is around the corner

Wearing high heels and standing or walking for long periods may cause flat feet, a new study has found.

1 in 3 women carry extra comfy shoes in case high heels start to bite

One in three women carry a comfortable pair of shoes in their handbag to change into when their high heeled shoes start to ache.

Jessie J giving up heels after breaking her left foot

British singer Jessie J is giving up wearing high-heels after breaking her left foot earlier this year.

Daughters inherit ‘love of high heels’ from their mums

A new study has revealed that a daughter’s passion for high heels could be inherited from her mother.