Hong Kong pro-democracy group admits likely defeat

Organisers of a pro-democracy group who vowed to take over Hong Kong`s streets admitted Tuesday they were powerless to change China`s plan to vet candidates for the city`s next leader, but said their protest would go ahead.

China accuses Britain of "interference" over Hong Kong inquiry

China on Tuesday accused London of interfering in its domestic affairs, over a British parliamentary inquiry into democratic reforms in its former colony Hong Kong.

China accuses British MPs of meddling in Hong Kong''s affairs

China has reportedly accused British MPs of meddling in Hong Kong`s affairs.

Hong Kong police arrest 22 pro-democracy protesters

Hong Kong police have arrested at least 22 people during a series of protests targeting a senior Chinese official visiting the city, authorities said Tuesday.

Hong Kong activist's newspaper column scrapped amid democracy row: Media

Hong Kong (Reuters) - A well-respected Hong Kong newspaper has axed a weekly column by a political activist and hedge fund manager as the Asian financial centre braces for a wave of protests against China`s decision to rule out full democracy. 

New self-cleaning cashmere developed

 Researchers have developed a new cashmere fabric that automatically cleans itself using nothing but light.

Hong Kong activists in fightback after China vote decision

Hong Kong activists launched their fightback Monday against Beijing`s landmark decision to limit voting reforms, heckling a senior Chinese official in angry scenes after hopes for full democracy were crushed.

Top Chinese official heckled by Hong Kong protesters

A senior Chinese official was angrily heckled by Hong Kong protesters Monday as he tried to defend Beijing`s landmark decision to control which candidates can stand in the city`s next leadership election. 

Hong Kong urged to accept `imperfect` democracy

Hong Kongers must accept Beijing`s version of democracy even if they think it is imperfect because the interests of the city`s business community have to be safeguarded, one of China`s foremost legal experts said Thursday.

Hong Kong anti-graft agency raids home of media tycoon critical of Beijing

Anti-corruption officers in Hong Kong on Thursday raided the home of Jimmy Lai, a media magnate and outspoken critic of Beijing who has supported pro-democracy activists through his publications and with donations.

Hong Kong media tycoon under graft investigation

Anti-corruption officers conducted an early morning raid Thursday on the Hong Kong home of Jimmy Lai, an outspoken mogul whose media empire is often highly critical of Beijing.

Hong Kong legal body votes to oust its pro-Beijing president

The Hong Kong Law Society has sent a strong rebuke to Beijing after it passed a vote of no confidence in its own president, who backed a controversial white paper reaffirming China`s control over the city.

Hong Kong lawyers take stand for independence from Beijing

Hong Kong`s Law Society has passed an historic vote of no-confidence in its president over pro-Beijing comments, revealing a determination by the traditionally conservative lawyers to confront perceived threats from China to the legal independence in the free-wheeling, global financial hub.

China`s elite tighten their belts as crackdown bites

China`s big spenders are reining in overt shows of wealth, shelving shopping trips in Hong Kong and Macau gambling sprees in the face of the Communist Party`s anti-corruption and frugality drive, analysts say.

Chinese ex-military leader under graft investigation: Report

A former high-ranking Chinese military leader is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes, a Hong Kong-based watchdog said on Tuesday, coming on the back of the nation`s much-publicised anti-corruption drive.

In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

As skyscrapers around Hong Kong harbour erupted into a reverie of laser beams and giant digital displays during their synchronised nightly light show, one innocuous 28-story building near the water`s edge had stayed dark for months, clad in bamboo scaffolding for a face-lift.

China denounces British Parliament`s inquiry into Hong Kong affairs

China denounced the launch of a British parliamentary inquiry into the affairs of Hong Kong that has begun 30 years after the two countries agreed on the return of the financial hub to Beijing.

25 injured as Hong Kong-bound jet hits turbulence

Hong Kong airport authorities said they were notified by the plane`s captain at 11:00 am that they would need help from emergency services when they came into land.

Hong Kong asks Beijing for greater democracy

Hong Kong has sent a report to Beijing recommending changes to allow for greater democracy in the southern Chinese city, kicking off a process that will ultimately let residents elect their leader for the first time in 2017.

Pro-democracy lawmakers blast UK over Hong Kong report

Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong hit back Friday at former colonial ruler Britain over a report they said showed no "commitment" to the city and strived to avoid embarrassing Beijing.