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Barack Obama vows to fight immigration ruling

US President Barack Obama claimed history and the law were on his side, as he vowed to fight a court order freezing controversial immigration reforms.

Barack Obama defends decision to delay immigration action

President Barack Obama says that the surge of immigrant children entering the US illegally changed the politics surrounding the issue of immigration and led him to put off a pledge to use executive action that could have shielded millions of people from deportation.

Obama urges Congress to pass immigration reform

US President Barack Obama has appealed to the Republican leadership of the Congress to pass the comprehensive immigration reform to address successfully in future problems like the current humanitarian crisis on the country's Southern border with Mexico.

'Modi's visit may provide platform to strengthen Indo-US ties'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposed visit to the US is likely to serve as a platform for taking the Indo-US relations to a new level, besides resolving outstanding issues like the impact of immigration reforms on Indian IT sector, among others, says industry body Ficci.

Thousands march in US for immigration reform

Thousands of people have poured into streets across the United States in a push to overhaul immigration and end the legal limbo of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

US Immigration reform bill may harm Indian IT firms

The Senators, also known as the gang of eight, has put forward provisions in the bill, which when signed into law by the President, can harm the interests of Indian IT companies and professionals.

Britain set to have `toughest immigration rules in world`

Under plans to make Britain’s regime the toughest in the world, immigrants will no longer be able to ‘jump the queue’ for housing, a Tory minister has said.

US law to check H-1B visa fraud

Amid a contentious debate over comprehensive immigration reforms, a top Republican senator has introduced a bill to eliminate what he calls "fraud and abuse" from H-1B visa programme coveted by Indian techies.

Obama meets top Republican Senators on immigration reforms

In his effort to seek bipartisan support on comprehensive immigration reform, US President Barack Obama has met top Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

US Senators unveil immigration reform deal

A bipartisan group of influential US Senators on Monday agreed to a framework of sweeping reform of immigration laws.

US Senators unveil immigration reform deal

The framework for immigration reform would include giving Green Card to those having PhD or masters in science, engineering, technology and maths; besides reducing backlog in the family and employment visa categories.