Budget release has been a flop show @Sensex

Out of the 14 instances, Sensex has tumbled on eight different occasions.

What if Modi falls short? Some market players brace for shocker

From Sept. 13 - the day the BJP nominated Modi as its prime ministerial candidate - through Friday, the National Stock Exchange, India`s biggest bourse, surged 17 percent, compared with only a 4 percent gain for the MSCI Asia-Pacific index excluding Japan.

`May Elections may provide a short-term market boost`

The MSCI India index has seen a 8.2 percent rise in the first quarter of 2014.

Can Dec once again be a lucky mascot for Sensex?

Is this exciting times for the Sensex yet again.

FII inflows: Long term story still intact!

Short term pain is there for the emerging markets but in long term money will come into India.