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Flu vaccine during pregnancy doesn't increase autism risk in child: Study

Flu vaccine during pregnancy doesn't increase autism risk in child: Study

A new study suggests that there is no link between pregnant women having influenza during pregnancy and an increased risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in children.

Vaccination in morning more effective: Study

 Flu vaccinations, when administered in the morning, can prove to be more effective than in afternoon and can induce greater and protective antibody responses, finds a study.

Easy home remedies for fast flu relief!

Since flu is highly contagious, the illness can occur in individuals of any age.

Vaccines for adults: What you need to know

Here are some essential vaccines that adults need to take.

Influenza: Over 8,500 birds culled in govt farm in Tripura

Influenza: Over 8,500 birds culled in govt farm in Tripura

More than 8,500 chickens and ducks were culled and 10,500 eggs destroyed.

Breathe easy: 5 tips to prevent stuffy nose this winter season

Check out these easy tips to prevent stuffy nose this winter season.

New protein target to help fight flu

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis of these 'OMIC' databases, 20 previously unknown host molecules that promote the growth of influenza A viruses have been discovered.

New vaccine strategy shields high-risk cancer patients from flu

Even though patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders may receive an annual flu vaccine, studies show that a one-time flu shot does not offer adequate immune response.

Swine flu virus still in air in parts of country

 Swine flu virus, which caused an influenza pandemic in 2009-10, continues to circulate in the air causing sporadic outbreaks in various parts of the country.

Delhi's toxic air: How to keep safe from respiratory infections!

As the pollution levels rise in winter, chances of acquiring respiratory infections also increase simultaneously.

Chicken resistant to avian flu will emerge: WHO expert

 Viruses in birds will live for many years but when they move to hosts, there will be deadly reaction, says expert.

High dose influenza shots more effective in older people

Apart from being more effective, the shots also reduce risk of hospitalization.

Flu shot reduces risk of stroke

A new research shows that chances of having a stroke fell by around a fifth in the first 59 days after receiving the flu jab.

'Major step' toward universal flu vaccine: Studies

Scientists have taken a major step towards creating a vaccine that works against multiple strains of influenza, according to two studies published today in top journals.

Soon, no more vaccine would be needed to cure 'flu'

Soon, flu could be wiped out without the need of an injection, as researchers have found a way of increasing the level of a key protein in the human body that could end the virus.

Scientists can forecast flu outbreaks in subtropical climates

 Just like weather forecasting, scientists can now predict the timing and intensity of influenza outbreaks in subtropical climates, where flu seasons can occur at different times and more than once during a year.

Revolutionary drug may help eradicate 'killer' flu

In a breakthrough, scientists have found a new drug that promises to fight flu, bringing a dramatic reduction in death rates.

Flu vaccines get more power

A flu vaccine that includes four strains of inactivated influenza could be more protective than a similar flu vaccine containing only three strains, confirms a research.

Relax! Adults only catch flu about twice a decade

Adults over the age of 30 only catch flu about once every five years, researchers have calculated.

Air ambulance with Oz patient on board makes emergency landing

An air ambulance made an emergency landing at Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport here after the condition of an Australian national, suspected to be infected with swine flu, deteriorated, airport authorities said.