Intelligent kids more physically-fit in golden years

 If you were an intelligent boy throughout your academic life, chances are you will be more physically-fit as you grow older.

First ever 'dolphin brain' scan shows likeness to bat

 Ever wondered, how are dolphins incredibly intelligent social animals? In a first, neuroscientists have mapped the sensory and motor systems in the brains of dolphins.

Army, Police joint team arrests suspected KLO terrorist

Acting on specific intelligence, the Army and Assam Police on Thursday arrested a suspected Kamtapur Liberation Oragnisation (KLO) terrorist in a joint operation.

Baby's first stool can help predict future IQ score

Analysis of a newborn`s first stool can alert doctors whether a child is at risk of problems with intelligence and reasoning, new research shows.

Two Indonesian pilots pose security threat: Australian authorities

Australian authorities believe two Indonesian pilots radicalised by pro-Islamic State (IS) forces may pose an international security threat, according to a leaked intelligence report.

NDFB(S) hideout busted, arms and ammunition seized

A NDFB(S) hideout at Chirang was busted and a cache of arms and ammunition has been recovered by a joint team of the Army and Assam Police.

LeT may target Israeli Embassy, Jewish establishments in India; security tightened

A alert has been sounded in several states for a heightened vigil at Israeli Embassy and Consulate General besides places frequented by Israelis including synagogues following intelligence reports that they could be targeted by terrorists.

Swiss and Austrians probe spying at Iran talks hotels

Swiss and Austrian investigators have launched probes into alleged spying in hotels hosting delicate Iranian nuclear talks, the authorities in both countries said on Thursday.

Post-Snowden, UK watchdog issues online spying report

The man responsible for reviewing Britain's anti-terrorism laws called Thursday for more judicial oversight over data interception as ministers prepare legislation firming up the powers of security services following leaks by Edward Snowden.

Crunch time in US Senate as NSA spy programs set to lapse

CIA chief John Brennan warned Sunday that allowing vital surveillance programs to expire could increase terror threats, as the US Senate convened for a showdown over whether to renew the controversial provisions.

Infections can also affect your IQ

In addition to harming your physical heath, severe infections of any type can affect your mental capacity as measured on an intelligence quotient (IQ) scale, a new research has found.

Pakistan officials question group's claim of Islamic State funding

Pakistan The militant group that said it was behind Wednesday`s massacre of 45 commuters in Karachi is a dangerous outfit with ties to Pakistan`s Taliban, but intelligence sources voiced doubts about claims it had received financial support from Islamic State.

'US intel agencies misjudged Arab Spring, impact on al Qaeda'

US intelligence agencies badly misjudged al-Qaeda's ability to take advantage of political turmoil in the Middle East and regain strength across the region after Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, according to a new book by a former top CIA official.

Syria`s sacked political spy chief dead: Family

Syria`s former political intelligence chief Rustom Ghazaleh has died after being fired for a quarrel with another regime official in which he was beaten up, a source close to his family said Friday.

Snapchat shows data requests in transparency report

Snapchat, the social network for users who like the security of disappearing messages, released its first transparency report Thursday showing hundreds of requests from US and foreign law enforcement agencies.

Lack of coordination led to intel failure in 26/11: US panel

 A US panel tasked with reviewing the FBI has said that one of the main lessons learnt from the 2008 Mumbai terror attack case was that "relevant intelligence may fall by the wayside" in the absence of an intelligence effort to understand the connections among cases.

FBI still needs to improve intelligence efforts: Report

 More than a decade after the September 11, 2001 attacks the FBI has still not fully improved its domestic intelligence gathering and must accelerate reforms, an official US report said Wednesday.

Breastfed babies ‘grow up smarter, earn more’

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Breast-feeding has many advantages for children and it has yet again been proven as a new study suggests that babies who are breastfed for longer stretches have higher IQ levels in adulthood.

Indian diplomatic staff in Pakistan `tailed` by intelligence agencies: Govt
Indian diplomatic staff in Pakistan `tailed` by intelligence agencies: Govt

Indian High Commission staff in Pakistan are being subjected to "intrusive surveillance" and "tailing" by intelligence personnel of that country, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Wednesday.

Has smartphone made you a lazy thinker?
Has smartphone made you a lazy thinker?

Frequent smartphone use has turned us into lazy thinkers, researchers report, adding that the convenience at our fingertips is making it easy for us to avoid thinking for ourselves.