Colombia urges smaller rebel force to join FARC truce

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos on Monday urged the country`s second-largest rebel force, the National Liberation Army, to join the FARC`s one-sided ceasefire and parallel peace talks.

Colombia rejects FARC's verification demand for ceasefire

Colombia on Thursday welcomed an offer by Marxist rebels for a ceasefire but rejected their demand for independent monitoring, putting the plan to stop hostilities on uncertain ground hours before it was to start.

Colombia's guerrillas free general

 Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced Sunday that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) freed General Ruben Dario Alzate and two others kidnapped Nov 16.

Colombian rebels free captured general

Colombia's largest rebel group has freed an army general and two others whose capture led President Juan Manuel Santos to break off peace talks.

Captive Colombia general`s release delayed to Sunday

Colombia`s FARC guerrillas said Thursday they will free a general whose capture has derailed peace negotiations a day later than announced, delaying efforts to get the talks back on track.


FARC warns army actions threaten general`s release

FARC guerrillas warned on Sunday that increased military activity was jeopardizing the release of a Colombian general and other captives they have taken.

Criminal investigation closed against Bogota mayor

Colombian prosecutors closed a criminal investigation on Friday into Bogota`s mayor, who was temporarily removed from office last year following a months-long battle in court.

Colombia rebels to free general, opening door to resume peace talks

Colombian Marxist rebels agreed to release an Army general captured by their comrades over the weekend, a move that may lead to a resumption of peace talks and diffuse a crisis that threatened to extend five decades of war.

Colombia suspends peace talks with FARC after general kidnapped

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday suspended peace talks with the country`s largest rebel group, the FARC, as the military investigates the suspected abduction of a general.

Barack Obama expresses support to Colombia peace talks

 US President Barack Obama Wednesday underscored continued strong support for efforts of the Colombia government to end a decades-old civil conflict, the White House said.

Colombia victims ask for protection following threats

Victims of the 50-year-old armed conflict in Colombia called on President Juan Manuel Santos Thursday to protect witnesses testifying in peace talks and investigate death threats against them.

Seven police dead in Colombia ambush

At least seven police officers were killed and seven wounded when gunmen from the FARC rebel group ambushed their convoy Tuesday in remote northwestern Colombia, officials said.

Government, rebels to discuss final ceasefire: Colombian president

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said that a committee of military officers and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) members will discuss a final ceasefire agreement.

Colombia`s Santos says FARC attacks could end peace process

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos said continuing attacks perpetrated by leftist FARC guerrillas, many of which target infrastructure, could bring an end to peace negotiations with the government.

Colombian president praises James Rodriguez on Real move

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos has congratulated national football star James Rodriguez on moving to Spanish club Real Madrid.

Thousands of Colombians welcome football team in Bogota

Thousands of Colombian fans crowded the streets here to welcome their national football team that reached the FIFA World Cup quarter-finals, losing to hosts Brazil.

Colombia bans foam to avoid World Cup close shaves

Colombia will ban the sale of flour and shaving foam in Bogota for the quarter-final World clash with hosts Brazil, with thousands expected on the streets and passions running high in the football-mad country.

Colombians re-elect Juan Manuel Santos in boost for FARC talks

Colombians re-elected President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday in a cliffhanger poll seen as a referendum on peace talks with FARC guerrillas, election authorities said.

Colombia presidential run-off a referendum on peace talks

Colombia on Sunday will hold a presidential run-off that has become a referendum on peace talks under way with Latin America`s oldest insurgency.

Candidates in Colombia`s presidential election

President Juan Manuel Santos and opposition challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga are in a tight race ahead of a second-round vote on June 15 for Colombia`s top job, in an election campaign being held against a backdrop of peace talks with Marxist rebels.