North Korea says rocket launch as early as Sunday
North Korea says rocket launch as early as Sunday

Citing US government sources, the Britain's reported that North Korea may fire an explosive device as early as Sunday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un expresses deep grief over death of top aide
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un expresses deep grief over death of top aide

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has expressed deep sorrow over the death of a top aide, displaying unusual intimacy towards his "close comrade-in-arms whom nobody can replace".

Kim Jong-Un loses temper with terrapin farm workers

Workers at a North Korean terrapin farm probably wished they could withdraw into their protective shells Tuesday, after a visit from leader Kim Jong-Un who lambasted operations at the facility.

China non-committal on North Korea meeting prospects

China on Sunday declined to be drawn on the prospect of a summit between President Xi Jinping and nuclear-armed North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, who is slated to visit Moscow later this year in his first trip as leader.

Fireworks and promotions mark late North Korea leader`s birthday

 North Korea celebrated the birthday of late ruler Kim Jong-Il Monday with mass fireworks, high-ranking military promotions and a rally by senior officials to pledge loyalty to current leader Kim Jong-Un. 

North Korea marks end of mourning for late leader Kim Jong-Il

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on Wednesday led tens of thousands of military and party officials in a ceremony to mark the end of three years of mourning for former supremo Kim Jong-Il.

Huge crowds mourn Kim Jong-Il on third death anniversary

North Korean television showed tens of thousands of mourners bowing before a huge statue of Kim Jong-Il, as the regime marked the third anniversary of the former dictator`s death on Wednesday.

South Korean MP to visit North Korea for Kim death anniversary

A senior South Korean politician will visit North Korea for the third anniversary of late leader Kim Jong-Il`s death, the government said Monday, stressing that the trip was to give condolences and was not political. 

North Korea directive shows ban on sharing leader`s name

A year before North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un came to power, a directive was issued for anyone sharing his name to change it -- maintaining a tradition upheld by the reclusive state`s ruling Kim dynasty, a report said.

Five key dates in North Korea`s sports politics
Five key dates in North Korea`s sports politics

North Korea`s victories at the Asian Games are a new example of how sport, politics and diplomacy are often mixed in dealings with Pyongyang, and by the isolated state`s propaganda machine.

Kim Jong-un`s childhood of `vodka binges`, `pleasure girls` revealed

A former employee of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has revealed about his childhood — vodka binges, Big Macs and private yachts.

North Korea promotes military chiefs as it marks late leader`s birth

North Korea celebrated the birth anniversary of late leader Kim Jong-Il Sunday after promoting key military officials including the chief of its rocket unit, state media said.

N Korean leader to add `MP` to his many titles

North Korea confirmed on Tuesday that leader Kim Jong-Un will be a candidate in next month`s parliamentary elections, which will be closely watched for clues on power shifts in Pyongyang.

North Korea warns of `merciless` strike against South

North Korea has threatened a "merciless" strike against the South after activists burned effigies of the ruling Kim dynasty on the second anniversary of the death of former leader Kim Jong-Il, officials said today.

North Korea marks anniversary without Kim Jong Un`s aunt

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un`s aunt was absent from a state memorial ceremony on Tuesday raising questions about her influence days after her husband, also a top state official, was executed.

North Korean soldiers swear loyalty to young leader

Thousands of North Korean soldiers vowed on Monday to protect leader Kim Jong-Un with their lives at a memorial rally for his late father, days after the stunning execution of the leader`s uncle.

US urges united response to `ominous` North Korea execution

Washington called for a united front against North Korea after the "ominous" execution of leader Kim Jong-Un`s uncle as South Korea put its forces on alert for any "provocations" from its nuclear-armed neighbour.

N Korea execution `ominous sign` of instability: John Kerry

The execution of the North Korean leader`s uncle is "an ominous sign" raising concerns about instability in a nation pursuing a nuclear arms drive, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned on Sunday.

North Korea kicks off mass games with war victory theme

North Korea has launched its annual Arirang festival, featuring tens of thousands of performers in a highly-choreographed display of patriotism.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has `secret` daughter

In a startling report about one of the world’s most secretive person, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un fathered a baby girl in 2010 with an unknown woman.