North Korea threatens to attack US with nuclear weapons ''if forced to do so''

 North Korea has threatened to attack the United States with nuclear weapons if the nation "forced it to do so".

North Korea demanded USD 10 billion for summit: Ex-Seoul leader

Late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il repeatedly pushed for summit talks with South Korea before his 2011 death but the plans failed because Pyongyang demanded USD 10 billion and large-scale shipments of food and fertilizer, a former South Korean president says in a memoir to be published next week.

North Korea leader Kim takes aim at archery, soccer success

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has run the rule over some of the country`s archery and soccer talent, offering them advice on how to raise standards and succeed in international competition.

Ex-NBA player says NKorea game dwarfed by politics

Former NBA star Charles D Smith says he feels remorse for coming to Pyongyang with Dennis Rodman for a game on the North Korean leader`s birthday because the event has been dwarfed by politics and tainted by Rodman`s own comments.

North Korea tries to project unity on death anniversary

North Korea vowed to unite behind leader Kim Jong Un during carefully staged events on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of his father`s death, in an attempt to show it has returned to business as usual after the purge and execution of his once-powerful uncle last week.

North Korea, marking leader`s birthday, shows more ire

North Korea on Tuesday offered new prickly rhetoric against the United States and South Korea.

North Korea delivers new round of war rhetoric

North Korea claims it had "powerful striking means" on standby while Seoul and Washington speculated that the country is preparing to test a medium-range missile during upcoming national celebrations.

US official secretly flew into North Korea twice

A top US official secretly flew into North Korea twice last year, in an unsuccessful effort to improve ties with the reclusive Communist state after new ruler Kim Jong-Un assumed power, a media report claimed on Sunday.

Kim Jong Il’s embalmed body displayed in North Korea

The embalmed body of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was displayed on Tuesday as the nation mourned at his first death anniversary.

North Korean woman at Kim`s side sparks curiosity

North Korean state TV yesterday showed an elegant, somber young woman in a black jacket and skirt bowing with Kim.

New North Korean leader makes first public speech

Kim Jong Un said the era when nuclear arms could be used to threaten his country was "forever over."

Wrong turn reveals the true face of N Korea

The press bus took a wrong turn. And suddenly, everything changed in the official showcase of North Korean achievement.

N Koreans bow at Kim portrait on New Year holiday

Monday is New Year`s Day according to lunar calendar, and North Koreans have three days off to celebrate the traditional holiday.

Kim Jong Il`s eldest son wants reform: Book author

Kim Jong Nam believes that rigid North Korea must make Chinese-style economic reforms.

Kim Jong Il`s body to be permanently displayed

North Korea`s late leader Kim Jong Il`s body will be displayed at Pyongyang`s Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

North Korea to issue special pardons for convicts

North Korea will issue special pardons for convicts to commemorate milestone birthdays of its two late leaders.

N Korea calls Japan ‘laughingstock of world’

North Korea has slammed Japan for what it calls ‘a lack of respect’ over the death of the nation’s long-term ruler Kim Jong-il.

N Korea hails nuclear, military feats of Kim Jong

North Korea lauded the military might built up by deceased leader Kim Jong-il on Thursday.

North Korea holds memorial for Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Un stood watching from a balcony at the Grand People`s Study House overlooking Kim Il Sung Square, flanked by the top party and military officials.

N Korea: Snow, tears mark Kim Jong-il’s funeral

N Korea`s military staged a huge funeral procession in Pyongyang, for its deceased dear leader, Kim Jong-il.