EU reposes faith on Lima climate summit for post-Kyoto deal

The upcoming UN climate talks in the Peruvian capital Lima would be significant in terms of reaching an agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union (EU) leadership feels.

PM hopes to write 'new chapter' during Japan visit

On the eve of his visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said Japan has "paramount importance" in his vision for India's progress and his trip will "write a new chapter" in bilateral ties while taking the Strategic and Global Partnership to the higher level.

India not bound to cut greenhouse gas emission levels: Govt

India is not bound to mandatorily cut greenhouse gas emission levels under Kyoto Protocol but voluntary efforts are being undertaken to reduce them, the government said on Wednesday.

India wants upscaling of ambition in Kyoto Protocol period

India today emphasised the need for immediate upscaling of ambition in the Kyoto Protocol second Commitment period and its early ratification by all Kyoto Protocol Parties.

Carbon emission: Know all about it

As the name suggests, it is manly the amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere including many gases that negatively influence the quality of the air subsequently increasing the greenhouse effect.

UN talks limp towards global 2015 climate deal

Almost 200 countries on Saturday kept alive hopes for a global deal in 2015 to fight climate change after overcoming disputes on greenhouse gas emissions cuts and aid for poor nations at a meeting widely criticised as lacking urgency.

Top climate diplomats ask nations to act on global warming

With the UN Climate Conference entering a crucial phase, top environment diplomats have warned that global warming represents a potentially irreversible threat and sought urgent international action against climate change in the short term.

Developed nations must do more to tackle global warming: India

India Monday said it will push the industrialised nations to take a leadership role to tackle global warming, even as there was no breakthrough in sight on key issues after week-long negotiations at the UN Climate Conference here.

Japan drastically scales back greenhouse gas emissions target

Japan today said it was dramatically scaling back its greenhouse gas emissions target after the Fukushima nuclear accident forced the country to turn to fossil-fuel burning energy sources.

India-US announce joint working group on climate change

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama have announced formation of a joint working group to enhance bilateral cooperation on addressing global issue of climate change.

Rich nations should lead in reducing emission: India

India Thursday expressed disappointment over emission reduction obligations by developed countries, and said rich nations should take the lead in this area.

New Zealand lowers greenhouse gas emissions target

The New Zealand government Friday committed to a controversial greenhouse gas emissions target of five percent below 1990 levels by 2020, with critics claiming it had reneged on a higher commitment made in 2010.

Free market forces best bet to reduce global carbon emissions: Study

A new study has revealed that the best way to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change is through the use of market forces.

Climate activists livid at absence of decisive action at Doha

Climate activists were livid at another squandered opportunity for a decisive action to save the planet from catastrophic effects of global warming.

UN climate forum extends Kyoto Protocol to 2020

The UN climate conference in Doha, Qatar has adopted a plan to extend the Kyoto Protocol till 2020 in a bid to fight global warming.

Agreement still eludes Doha climate talks amid differences

The Doha round of climate talks came under a cloud of uncertainty today as serious differences plagued the parties.

Doha climate talks enters final day with no worthwhile deal

Crucial climate talks to decide the future of the Kyoto Protocol and a regime that will follow it entered the final day today though there were little signs that a worthwhile deal was anywhere on the cards.

Typhoon-hit Philippines seeks action at climate talks

Catastrophe-hit Philippines today led a host of countries in making an emotional plea to rich nations to salvage the listless climate talks.

Little progress in Doha climate talks

Much drama and little consequential action characterised the Doha climate talks today as parties traded barbs over the issues of climate finances and emission reduction targets.

Doha Summit: LDCs side with developed countries over equity

Negotiators from the world`s poorer nations today appeared to side with the developed countries in demanding that the debate on equity must not be used to "derail" the climate talks.