Low gut microbial diversity could up asthma risk in infants

Low gut microbial diversity in the intestines of infants could raise the risk for asthma development, a new research has suggested.

Mediterranean diet without breakfast best for diabetics

For patients with diabetes, it is better to eat a single large meal than several smaller meals throughout the day, a new study has found.

Finger sweat can reveal depressed person`s suicidal tendencies

A simple measurement of the sweat gland activity of a depressed person can nearly accurately determine if they have suicidal propensity, a new research has claimed.

Gut microbiota fewer in babies born through C-section

Children born through Caesarean section are at greater risk of allergies because they have a less diverse gut microbiota, according to a new study.

Quantum computers `one step closer to reality`

A team of researchers has made a breakthrough in the process of developing quantum computers.