Pentagon chief arrives in Europe amid Syrian, Afghan crises

He is also dealing with the fallout from a suspected US air strike on a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz that killed 22 people, some of whom burned to death in their beds.

Pentagon chief: Afghan situation 'confused and complicated'

Carter tells reporters traveling with him in Spain that the situation is "confused and complicated" right now.

Spanish bull run deaths rise to 12

A man in his 60s died on Sunday after being gored in a bull run in Spain, bringing the total number of deaths to 12 this year, the deadliest in 15 years.

Train gunman went from France to Syria: Spanish intelligence

 The suspected gunman who wounded two during an attack aboard an Amsterdam-Paris train travelled from France to Syria, a Spanish anti-terror source said on Saturday.

MSF says rescued over 11,000 migrants in Med since May

Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) said on Thursday it has rescued over 11,000 migrants from the Mediterranean since the start of May.

Spain wildfire forces more evacuations
Spain wildfire forces more evacuations

A wildfire that officials suspect was started deliberately forced the evacuation of a third town in western Spain on Saturday, officials said.

Madrid apartment block collapses after being evacuated

 A four-storey apartment building collapsed in Madrid on Monday just hours after firefighters evacuated all of its occupants, some of them clambering through windows.

Spain's billion euro 'ghost airport' to be sold for just $14,000
Spain's billion euro 'ghost airport' to be sold for just $14,000

Symbolic of the economic mess in Spain, an airport that cost more than billion Euros to build in 2008 could sell for just $14,000.

`High risk of terror attack` in Spain: Minister

 Spain is facing its highest level of terror threat since 2004 because of the danger posed by jihadists, said the country`s Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz on Sunday.

Spanish police return art stolen from Swedish churches

 Spanish police on Monday returned 12 artworks, including several 15th-century wood engravings, to Sweden`s embassy in Madrid after they were allegedly stolen by a Spaniard from Swedish churches and museums.

40 Spanish experts rescue injured climber from deep cave

Emergency services in Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia successfully rescued an injured caver from deep underground on Sunday after deploying a team of 40 experts.

New Spanish mayors cast doubts on big building projects

Spain`s construction industry is on edge after far-left mayors took office in the nation`s two largest cities, Barcelona and Madrid, casting doubts over the future of major building projects.

Madrid councillor urged to quit over chapel protest

A second member of Madrid`s new left-wing city council faced calls to resign on Tuesday, over her role in a demonstration by semi-naked protesters in a chapel.

Anti-Semitic joke backfires on Indignado Madrid official

An anti-Semitic joke that a newly elected official from the Spanish Indignados (Outraged) movement tweeted in 2011 unleashed a storm of criticism Sunday, a day after his group took over the Madrid city council.

Indignados mayors take power in Madrid and Barcelona

Activists from the Indignados (Outraged) protest movement that grew out of Spain`s economic crisis took power in the country`s two biggest cities Saturday after ruling conservatives suffered major losses in May`s local elections.

Manuela Carmena, leftist ex-judge now Madrid mayor

A communist and rights activist in her youth, former judge Manuela Carmena on Saturday became mayor of Madrid, ending 24 years of conservative rule in the Spanish capital.

'Outraged' mayors take charge of Madrid, Barcelona
'Outraged' mayors take charge of Madrid, Barcelona

Leftist activists from the Indignados (Outraged) protest movement that grew out of Spain`s economic crisis took charge Saturday of city halls in Madrid and Barcelona, after thrashing the ruling conservatives in local elections.

`Outraged` ex-judge officially elected mayor of Madrid
`Outraged` ex-judge officially elected mayor of Madrid

 Former judge Manuela Carmena, of the "Indignados" (Outraged) protester movement that grew out of Spain`s economic crisis, was officially elected mayor of Madrid on Saturday.

How `Outraged` protesters took charge of Spanish capital
How `Outraged` protesters took charge of Spanish capital

Behind the walls of a former tobacco factory, about 100 people excitedly discuss their plans for Madrid city hall, which from Saturday will be run by protesters from the "Indignados" (Outraged) movement, in an unprecedented experience for Spain.

Spanish police dismantle voodoo-linked sex trafficking ring

Spanish police said Monday they had dismantled a trafficking ring they said used voodoo rituals -- including animal sacrifice -- to force Nigerian women into prostitution in Spain.