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Meditation can reduce chronic neck pain

Meditation might be an effective treatment for reducing chronic neck pain, according to a new research.

Britney Spears embraces meditation
Britney Spears embraces meditation

Singer Britney Spears' boyfriend Charlie Ebersol has inspired her to take up meditation.

Regular meditation can slow age-related loss of gray matter in brain

A new study suggests that practicing meditation on a regular basis can help give a boost to the brain and slows down the loss of brain's gray matter due to aging.

Andhra Pradesh ministers, officials to undergo course on 'joyful living'

Andhra Pradesh ministers and government officials will undergo a three-day crash course on 'Inner Engineering for joyful living' from Thursday.

Love of yoga fuels a $27 bn industry across America
Love of yoga fuels a $27 bn industry across America

From tired housewives to stressed executives, Hollywood stars to US First Lady Michelle Obama, they all do it, with yoga studios mushrooming in every large city from San Francisco to New York and capital Washington.

Daily meditation: A boon for breast cancer survivors

Practising meditation has a positive physical impact at the cellular level in breast cancer survivors, new research shows.

Gwyneth Paltrow seeks psychic help
Gwyneth Paltrow seeks psychic help

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow called in a psychic to answer her burning questions about spirits, chakras and life.

Regular yoga, meditation gives boost to brain

A new study has suggested that practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis can help give a boost to the brain that ultimately can control a computer.

Yoga and meditation can help train people's brain to use gadgets better

People who practice yoga and meditation for longer periods can train their brain to use gadgets effectively in daily life.

Daily meditation may reduce migraine pain

For those suffering from migraine attacks, daily meditation might be a good idea for instant relief.

Yoga can help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms

A new study has revealed that symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be reduced with help of "yogic breathing."

Beat bad mood with yoga
Beat bad mood with yoga

When you’re having one of those days when you just can’t seem to shake off a bad mood and fume at every little thing, try doing yoga.

Hatha yoga improves cognitive performance in older adults

A new study has claimed that `hatha yoga` helps in increasing brain function amongst older adults.

Five ways to fight depression

Depression is a state of low mood which affect a person`s thoughts, behaviour, feelings and sense of well being.

Tips to lead a healthier life

Leading a healthy life doesn’t only mean going to the gym and working out. It further means to take care of your body and make easy to manage healthy choices in day to day life. Our body is our physical shell that will take us through the various phases of life.

Keep yourself stress-free with 25 minutes of meditation

A new study has revealed that 25 minutes of focused meditation for three consecutive days affects people`s ability to be resilient under stress.

Spiritual Fridays: What is your spirit`s connection with nature?

A few people share their experiences and tell Pooja Bhula about their way of connecting with nature.

Yoga gives Ellie Goulding `biggest high`

Singer Ellie Goulding, who has flaunted her perfect abs for a magazine`s forthcoming issue, says that she relies on different forms of exercise to stay fit.

Mindfulness emerges as hottest meditative tool

Mindfulness is fast emerging as the hottest meditative tool, which is known to contribute to our wellbeing and productivity.

Meditation helps military personnel fight stress

Mindfulness training - a combination of meditation and body awareness exercises - can help help soldiers prepare for and recover from stressful combat situations, a study showed.