Yoga improves health, reduces stress: Health experts

Yoga is the best way to tackle anxiety, stress and psycho neurotic disorders, easily resulting in better health and regulation of stress hormones, health experts said.

Why marijuana users end up feeling worse

Adolescents and young adults who smoke marijuana frequently may attempt to manage negative moods by using the drug but end up feeling worse, says a new study.

Resilient people have higher pain tolerance: Study

People with higher ability to overcome adverse circumstances feel less pain, are more active on a daily basis and have a better mood, irrespective of their gender, according to a new study.

Men, women endure chronic pain on similar levels

A new study has revealed that men and women endure chronic pain on similar levels.

Consuming sleeping, anti-anxiety pills could increase Alzheimer's risk

If you often pop up pills to control anxiety and improve sleep, beware! A new study suggests that that long-term use of pills may put you at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Positive outlook, social support can help diabetic patients cope with 'psycho-social challenges'

A new study has revealed that positive outlook and social support can help diabetic patients to deal with emotional, psychological and social difficulties of the disease, which could ultimately improve their health outcomes.

Stigma bars mentally ill from seeking care

While stigma is one of many factors that may influence care seeking, it is one that has profound effects for those who suffer from mental illness, says a study.

Why stress can be more distressing for some people revealed

A new study has found why some people take stress in stride while others face a more devastating effect.

Study reveals the roots of alcohol addiction

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Washington: Millions of people around the world struggle with their excessive dependence on alcohol. A new research on this form of addiction has thrown some light into the cellular mechanism linked with it.

Five quick ways to cure nausea

Feeling nauseous and don`t know what to do? Try these quick tips to snap out of it in no time.

Risky situations fuel anxiety among women

Risky situations in any setting increases anxiety among women, leading them to perform worse under stressed circumstances, finds a new study.

Praying doesn`t necessarily sooth anxiety disorder symptoms

A new study has claimed that while praying eases a lot of problems, it doesn`t sooth symptom of anxiety-related disorders for everyone.

Now, app that helps control anxiety, depression in youngsters

A `Hide and Seek` app is being developed for smartphones that will help young people to control their anxiety and depression by teaching them to stay calm.

Anxiety drug for humans increases fish life

Fish may find some water contaminants to their benefit as researchers have shown that a drug used to treat anxiety in humans reduces mortality rates in fish.

Aggressive not depressed adolescents likelier to become alcoholics

A new study has demonstrated that adolescents who are aggressive in nature are more likely to drink alcohol and in larger quantities than their peers whereas depression and anxiety are not connected to increased alcohol drinking.

Robert Pattinson likes feeling of anxiety

`Twilight` star Robert Pattinson says he does not mind getting anxious as his anxiety attacks do not last for long.

Teenagers active in evenings more prone to insomnia

Have you witnessed your teenage son getting more active in the evenings compared to rest of the day? He may be prone to develop insomnia in addition to depression and anxiety.

Exercise, relaxation can reduce social anxiety

Exercise and relaxation activities like yoga can positively impact people with social anxiety disorders, scientists say.

Even minutes without smartphone can fuel anxiety

Can`t live without your smartphone even for 10 minutes? Join the club of addicts who cannot go without their phone before suffering from anxiety.

Digital addiction a psychiatric disorder: Experts

Is your smartphone your best friend? Do you find it difficult to leave it even for a minute? Do you become restless when you have to part with it? Do you have constant cravings to check it every now and then? If your answer is yes, there is a huge chance that you have become an addict and you require professional help.