'Indian de-addiction centres lack proper facilities'

 Around 70 percent of de-addiction centres in India do not have the standard treatment and care facilities leading to chances of relapse among the drug addicts, health experts said on Tuesday.

Indians living a longer but unhealthy life: Study

According to a new study, ailments including diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases pose an increasing threat to health in India.

Sitting down too much increases risk of anxiety: Study

 Low energy activities that involve sitting down are associated with an increased risk of anxiety, according to new research.

Chronic pain linked to depression: Study

 Chronic pain can also lead to anxiety and depression as brain inflammation caused by long-term nerve pain alters activity in areas that regulate mood and motivation, says new research.

Friendship hinges on individual personality
Friendship hinges on individual personality

One's personality decides whether you would strike a chord with a stranger, says an interesting study.

Here’s how you make emotional decisions

A new research has found a neural circuit in brains that help humans in making anxiety-provoking decisions.

California scientists test Ecstasy as anxiety-reducer for gravely ill

California scientists are testing whether the illegal psychoactive drug commonly known as Ecstasy could help alleviate anxiety for terminally ill patients, the trial`s principal funder said on Tuesday.

Slow cognitive process among teens linked with depression, anxiety as adults

A new study has observed that teens with slower performance on a test of "cognitive processing speed" are more likely to have depression and anxiety symptoms as adults.

Childhood nightmares give rise to adolescent psychotic disorders

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a significant link between the presence of persistent nightmares in childhood and psychotic experiences in adolescence.

Stress ups risk of death from liver disease

In a first, researchers have linked high levels of anxiety or depression with an increased risk of death from liver disease.

Yoga reverses effects on brain marked by chronic pain

A new study has found that chronic pain causes brain anatomy changes and impairments, however, yoga prevents and reverses the effects of chronic pain on the brain.

Cyber Bullying can lead to several psychological conditions among victims

Cyber-bullying can lead to emotional scarring amongst the victims, as examined by the doctors.

Social phobia puts you at teeth grinding risk

People with social phobia or anxiety are at increased risk of bruxism - teeth grinding which causes tooth wear and fractures as well as jaw pain, a new research has found.

New pills may help combat depression, anxiety

 A new research can prove to be a break-through in brain using light and raising hopes for a new class of drugs to treat psychiatric diseases.

Childhood bullying has worse effects on mental health: Lancet

Those who are bullied by peers in childhood are around five times more likely to experience anxiety and are nearly twice as likely to report more depression and self-harm at the age of 18 than children who are maltreated by adults, the findings showed.

Switch to 'turn off' nicotine withdrawal symptoms identified

A team of scientists has identified brain circuitry that is responsible for the increased anxiety in smoking cessation.

How gut bacteria produce key brain chemical

Production of a key chemical, deficiency of which is linked to various diseases and disorders such as depression and anxiety, depends largely on a group of approximately 20 bacteria in the gut, says a new study.

How underage binge-drinking may lead to increased anxiety, alcoholism in adults

A new study has revealed that binge-drinking during adolescence may affect adult behavior through long-lasting changes in genes.

New crowdsourced tool to better ease depression, anxiety


Washington: A team of researchers has come up with a new peer-to-peer networking tool that enables sufferers of anxiety and depression to build online support communities and practice therapeutic techniques.

Beware! High-fat diet can alter your behaviour

High-fat diet can affect brain health and promote changes in your behaviour, including increased anxiety, impaired memory, and repetitive behaviour, warns a new study.