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Trade unions stick to September 2 strike, reject government's wage hike

Trade unions stick to September 2 strike, reject government's wage hike

Trade unions Tuesday said they will go ahead with nation-wide strike on September 2, rejecting as "completely inadequate" the government's 42 percent hike in minimum wage to Rs 350 per day.

Aug 30, 2016, 18:50 PM IST
Executive order soon for Rs 10,000 minimum wage for contract workers

Executive order soon for Rs 10,000 minimum wage for contract workers

The Centre will issue an executive order to ensure contract workers get a minimum wage of Rs 10,000 per month, Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya said on Sunday.

Apr 17, 2016, 17:20 PM IST
Higher bonus for workers becomes a reality

Higher bonus for workers becomes a reality

The government has notified the Payment of Bonus Act on January 1, a move which will benefit crores of workers whose wages are below Rs 21,000 per month.

Jan 08, 2016, 19:54 PM IST

Myanmar approves first-ever national minimum wage

Myanmar's government has approved the country's first-ever national minimum wage, state media reported Saturday, after months of bitter negotiations with labour groups and employers.

Aug 29, 2015, 14:53 PM IST

Donald Trump sounds death knell for H 1B visas

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has sounded death knell to the H-1B visas by proposing to raise the minimum wage for this most popular work visas for Indian technology professionals as he released his policy of putting American workers first.

Aug 18, 2015, 13:40 PM IST

New York plans $15 minimum wage at fast-food chains

New York state was poised Wednesday to raise the minimum wage to $15 in the fast-food sector, a key victory in a long-running workers campaign for liveable wages.

Jul 23, 2015, 08:20 AM IST
Govt hikes minimum wage to Rs 160 a day

Govt hikes minimum wage to Rs 160 a day

After a gap of two years, the government on Tuesday hiked the minimum wage for workers by Rs 23 to Rs 160 a day.

Jul 07, 2015, 21:10 PM IST

IKEA raises minimum wage for US workers 2nd year in a row

Ikea's US division is raising the minimum wage for the second year in a row as the Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture chain looks to improve its relations with workers and reduce worker turnover.

Jun 24, 2015, 19:07 PM IST

Los Angeles raises minimum wage to $15

The city of Los Angeles voted Tuesday to increase minimum wage from $9 to $15 an hour in a move that is expected to boost quality of life for hundreds of thousands of its residents.

May 20, 2015, 07:04 AM IST
Politicians fume after Premier League chief's wage remarks

Politicians fume after Premier League chief's wage remarks

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore was criticised on Wednesday for saying he saw no problem with clubs paying staff the minimum wage after the league sold its British TV rights for 5.1 billion pounds ($7.80 billion).

Feb 11, 2015, 20:22 PM IST

German minimum wage rings in Happy New Year for millions

As the New Year approaches, Berlin bakery worker Jessica Arendt is not just looking forward to the fireworks. In 2015, she says, "I`ll be able to afford a few more things".

Dec 29, 2014, 09:13 AM IST

Vote-buying, intimidation rife in Bulgarian election

Forced to survive on the minimum wage in Bulgaria of 340 leva (174 euros, $222) a month, Maya Ivanova is more than ready to sell her vote in Sunday`s general election, even for food.

Sep 29, 2014, 09:06 AM IST

Finance Ministry may ratify 8.75% interest rate on EPFO next week

The Finance Ministry is likely to give its concurrence next week to retirement fund body EPFO's trustees' decision to provide 8.75 percent rate of interest on PF deposits to over five crore subscribers this fiscal.

Sep 07, 2014, 11:00 AM IST

Minimum monthly pension of Rs 1,000 under EPFO; wage ceiling up at Rs 15,000

The much-awaited minimum monthly pension of Rs 1,000 and a higher wage ceiling of Rs 15,000 for social security schemes run by retirement fund manager EPFO will be implemented from September 1.

Aug 28, 2014, 12:06 PM IST

EPFO asks staff to take steps to enforce min pension, wage cap

EPFO has asked its field staff to take steps for enforcing government's decision of raising wage ceiling to Rs 15,000 to cover the organised sector worker.

Jul 23, 2014, 16:37 PM IST

Germany to adopt minimum wage to help working poor

The minimum wage of 8.50 euros an hour will eventually benefit more than five million workers in the low-wage sector.

Jul 02, 2014, 18:09 PM IST

Swiss turn down world`s highest minimum wage

Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposed hourly minimum wage of USD 25 -- which would have been the world`s highest -- in one of the planet`s priciest nations,

May 18, 2014, 18:00 PM IST

Barack Obama urges Congress to raise US minimum wage

US President Barack Obama urged Congress on Tuesday to raise the federal minimum wage, challenging legislators to help reverse income disparity across the country.

Jan 29, 2014, 10:00 AM IST

140 factories closed in new Bangladesh wage protest

Almost 140 Bangladeshi garment factories were shut on Monday as thousands of workers protesting at a new minimum wage clashed with police outside Dhaka, police and manufacturers said.

Nov 19, 2013, 00:44 AM IST

‘Low minimum wage forcing migration from Bihar’

The BJP, now in the opposition after its split from JD(U), on Friday criticised the Nitish Kumar government for fixing daily minimum wage at paltry Rs 162 which, it said, has forced labourers to migrate to other states.

Jun 28, 2013, 20:10 PM IST