Nigeria keeping options open about missing plane

Nigeria's military on Monday appeared to rule out sabotage after an airforce jet disappeared while on operations in the insurgency-hit northeast.

Nigeria keeping options open about missing plane

Nigeria's military on Monday appeared to rule out sabotage after an airforce jet disappeared while on operations in the insurgency-hit northeast.

100 days after MH370, Malaysia vows to keep searching

Malaysia`s government pledged today it `will not rest` until missing flight MH370 is found but relatives said on the 100th day since the plane`s disappearance that they wanted answers, not more promises.

Robotic submarine aborts its first search for missing plane Mh370

A robotic submarine deployed to locate the missing Malaysian plane`s black boxes on the floor of the Indian Ocean today aborted its first search as it encountered water deeper than its operating limits of 4.5 km.

Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370: New debris sightings, storms ground missing plane`s air search

A Thai satellite has detected 300 floating objects in southern Indian Ocean that could possibly be the debris of the missing Malaysian plane, even as bad weather on Tuesday grounded multination air search for the aircraft`s wreckage.

Tech troubles hinder resumption of MH370 search

Technical troubles have hindered a resumption of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with a mini-sub lasting only two hours in the water before it had to be raised, officials said Wednesday.

Malaysia PM urges aircraft changes to prevent another MH370

Malaysia`s prime minister has called for international aviation regulators to implement real-time tracking of airliners to prevent a recurrence of the baffling disappearance of flight MH370.

MH370 puzzle seen leading to out-of-court settlements

The lack of any evidence indicating what caused flight MH370`s disappearance raises a legal conundrum that is expected to force Malaysia Airlines into out-of-court settlements with angry next-of-kin, aviation law experts said.

`Maps in Malaysia report indicate MH370 flew to avoid radars`

Maps released as part of a preliminary report on the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian jet indicate that the plane deliberately flew along a route to evade military radars, according to a media report.

Malaysia vows MH370 transparency as families vent anger

Malaysia`s premier pledged to release a report on flight MH370`s disappearance as passengers` families protested Friday outside the country`s embassy in Beijing.

Malaysia to release MH370 report as plane search continues

The search for the crashed Malaysian jet continued today even as Malaysia`s prime minister said his government will release its preliminary report on the plane`s disappearance next week.

`Chinese tourists cancel Malaysia trip over missing MH370`

Nearly 30 per cent of Chinese tourists have cancelled their bookings to visit Malaysia this year since the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian jet with 227 passengers, over two-thirds of them Chinese, adversely hitting the country`s tourism industry.

Biggest search yet for Malaysian jet in Indian Ocean

Four weeks after the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner, searchers on Saturday launched the most intensive hunt yet in the southern Indian Ocean, trying to find the plane`s black box recorders before their batteries run out.

Malaysian plane search: Thai, Japan satellites detect over 300 objects in Indian Ocean

Over 300 new objects were spotted by satellites of Thailand and Japan in or near the search area in the southern Indian Ocean where Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is believed to have been “lost”.

No legal hurdle to compensation to MH370 victims` kin: Experts

Compensation to families of the 239 passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight that is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean may not face any legal hurdle, insurance experts said today.

Malaysia Airlines search flights called off due to severe weather

Aircraft searches for a Malaysia jetliner presumed crashed in the southern Indian Ocean have been called off for Thursday due to bad weather, a U.S. Navy officer said.

Malaysia discounts possible missing plane sighting in Maldives

Hishammuddin told a daily news conference on Wednesday that the reports had been investigated by police in the Maldives and were determined to be untrue.

Unclear when plane communications system switched off: Official

A communications system in the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner could have been switched off before or after the last verbal contact with the flight deck, which likely came from the co-pilot, the airline`s chief executive said on Monday.

India denies Malaysian jet `9/11-style attack` theory

India rejected suggestions Monday that it could have been the intended target of a 9/11-style attack by the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Malaysia police probe flight engineer on missing plane

No trace of the plane has been found more than a week after it vanished but investigators believe it was diverted by someone with deep knowledge of the plane and of commercial navigation.