NATO chief appeals for closer collective defence

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen Monday made an appeal for closer collective defence, community of nations and collective engagement.

``Maleficent`` casts $70 mn spell over box office, halts ``X-Men`` uprising

"Maleficent”, Walt Disney`s special-effects laden take on "Sleeping Beauty`s" wicked fairy godmother, captivated moviegoers, collecting USD 70 million in ticket sales to win the North American weekend box office stakes.

Scientists vexed in probe of North American starfish deaths

Scientists are struggling to find the cause of a disease that is killing off numerous species of starfish on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America, dispatching the five-armed creatures in a particularly gruesome way.

Canada`s oldest Chinese printing shop shuts down

Canada`s oldest Chinese printing shop has closed down, bringing to an end its 106 years of history.

`The Lunchbox` makes waves in North America

Indian filmmaker Ritesh Batra`s critically acclaimed film `The Lunchbox` beat out Hollywood movies, Oscar contenders, and all other foreign-language films to score the number one per-theatre average gross of any film in North America last weekend.

Radioactive plume of water from Fukushima being tracked by North American scientists

Scientists are keeping a watch on the radioactive plume of water from Fukushima as it reaches west coast of North America.

Canada reports first H5N1 bird flu death in North America

Canadian health authorities have announced the first avian flu death in North America, in the western plains province of Alberta, of a patient who had just returned from China.

`Polar vortex` freezes US like never before

The bitter chill gripping North America is a result of Arctic air that has spilled southwards, and global warming may be a cause, an expert said on Monday.

New study suggests cockroaches may have originated in the New World

Researchers recently discovered four ancient Ectobius species in the 49-million-year-old Green River Formation near Rifle, Colorado in deposits that are about five million years older than the Baltic amber.

World experiences hottest November in 134 years: NOAA

The month of November was the hottest experienced on Earth since record-keeping began in 1880, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.

Mima mound mystery solved

Scientists claim to have solved the mystery behind Mima mounds - the enormous, natural bubble wrap like geological anomalies bulging out of the ground.

US denies Maduro airspace access for China trip: Venezuela

The United States has refused permission for President Nicolas Maduro`s plane to fly through its airspace when the Venezuelan leader travels to China.

Long-extinct passenger pigeon could be brought back to life in near future

Passenger pigeon, which was once among the most abundant birds in North America, is now extinct because of hunting and habitat destruction but scientists are planning to bring it to life.

US Jain body creates a million-dollar education fund

An umbrella organization of 72 Jain associations in the US and Canada plans to create a one million dollar educational fund to support needy Jain families.

Malaria remains a major threat, says expert

Malaria has been eradicated in North America but the region is not immune to the disease yet.

Oldest bone-headed dinosaur discovered in N America

Scientists have uncovered and named a new species of bone-headed dinosaur, pachycephalosaur, from Alberta, Canada.

1st permanent English settlers in North America turned to cannibalism

Newly discovered human bones have proven that the first permanent English settlers in North America became cannibals to deal with the cruel winter of 1609-10, US researchers have said.

$1 million prize for `safe` capture of Bigfoot

Million dollar Bigfoot! A beer maker in Washington state has offered a USD 1 million reward to anyone who can capture a live Bigfoot.

Human impact on Great Lakes mapped

A comprehensive map shows that how human activities have degraded the North America`s Great Lakes that hold 20 percent of the world`s fresh water.

Massive fund raising campaign in West by separatist Sikh organisations

An extensive fund raising campaign is being undertaken by secessionist Sikh groups in Europe and North America at the instance of Pakistan`s ISI to revive terrorism in Punjab.