UBS sees Nifty at 6,900 on positive poll outcome

UBS Securities expects the Nifty at 6,900 if the markets start believing in a positive election outcome and said its sees a 15 percent earnings growth in FY15.

‘Sense of disbelief’ in markets to extend current rally

Low valuations and investor indifference might mean that markets surprise on the upside. This makes us believe that the current rally might have some steam left in it as sentiments are not yet fully upbeat.

Sensex on the bounce

The market may pause post the budget and if the monsoon is normal and eurozone stabilised, the Sensex should cross the earlier peak before August and a new peak thereafter.

Does your stock poke fun at economics?

Mainstream economics as it is practiced today, does have a lot of loose ends we believe. Little wonder, a lot of experts have begun to call it the dismal science. There are quite a bit of its principles that do not have universal validity. In other words, a principle that may work in one scenario may turn out to be a total disaster in the other.

What makes innovators & ace investors?

As long as you keep your mind clear of biases and flawed thinking tendencies, and are able to think without the pressure of what others think and without fearing the loss of your social status, you`re very much on track to becoming a great investor.

Sensex: Key takeaways from 2011

The biggest learning in the last year has been for the present generation of investors who would not have seen such a long period of stock market underperformance and for whom the definition of long-term has changed.

Emerging markets` siren song

If you look at either price-to-book or forward price-to-earnings ratios, emerging markets were relatively inexpensive until about 2007, at which point the gap narrowed, at least in part because investors came to believe in the idea that they could "decouple" from the low growth developed world.