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Soon, battery-free pacemakers powered by heart

The technology may eliminate the medical risks, costs and inconvenience of having a battery replacement every five to 12 years for millions of people worldwide.

Smartphones pose danger for cardiac device wearers

Smartphones pose danger for cardiac device wearers

If you wear a cardiac device such as a pacemaker, better keep away from smartphones, researchers say.

Doctors install second pacemaker in a cancer survivor

In a major surgery, doctors at a city hospital have installed pacemaker in the lower abdominal cavity of a 68-year-old woman who is also a cancer survivor.

World's first battery-less pacemaker in the works

In a revolutionary breakthrough for heart patients, scientists have come up with a way to power a cardiac pacemaker with an alternative energy source - the heart motion.

Researchers develop self-powered cardiac pacemaker that could aid seniors

The newly designed flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator directly stimulated a living rat`s heart using electrical energy converted from the small body movements of the rat.

Indian-origin scientist makes leadless pacemaker

The world`s first leadless pacemaker, developed by an Indian-origin scientist Vivek Reddy, has shown promising results after one year of human trials on 32 patients who received the pacemaker.

3-D heart sock could replace pacemaker

Scientists have designed a 3-D silicone `heart sock` that could eventually replace the pacemaker.

Now, battery that works for 10 years sans charging

Researchers have reportedly come up with a battery that could keep wearable and health care devices running for 10 or more years without a recharge.

Revolutionary electronic membrane could make your heart beat forever

Scientists have created a revolutionary new electronic membrane that could replace pacemakers forever.

Electric heart sock could make pacemakers history

Scientists have developed a bendy implant that can cover the entire surface of an organ to monitor health and treat disease.

US firm brings next generation pacemaker in India

St Jude Medical Inc, a global medical device company, today announced the launch of next generation pacemaker in India.

Light could replace electric jolts to restore healthy heartbeats

When a beating heart slips into an irregular, life-threatening rhythm, delivering a burst of electric current from a pacemaker or defibrillator is the treatment most commonly known.

Pacemaker for artificial breathing on spinal cord injured man

Claimed to be the first in the medical history of India, a pacemaker was put for artificial breathing on a 65-year-old man, who sustained spinal cord injury.

Chautala shifted to Gurgaon hospital for heart sur

Former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala, who is serving jail term for his involvement in teachers recruitment scam, was on Thursday shifted from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to a private hospital in Gurgaon.

Now, patients’ heartbeat could power pacemaker

An experimental device that converts energy from a beating heart to provide enough electricity to power a pacemaker has been developed.

Shrinking the heart to fight cardiac failure

British surgeons are all set to conduct next week the world`s first `heart shrinking` trial in humans aimed at combating cardiac failure.

Shrinking the heart to fight cardiac failure

British surgeons are all set to conduct next week the world`s first `heart shrinking` trial in humans aimed at combating cardiac failure.

A pacemaker in brain can treat epilepsy

Impulses in the brain were then supplied and controlled with an externally programmed pacemaker implanted below her left collar bone.

Light-controlled pacemaker possible

A new technique that stimulates heart muscle cells with low-energy light raises the possibility of a future light-controlled pacemaker.

Now, a pacemaker surgery for Parkinson`s patients

If you thought Parkinson`s is an incurable disease and brings with it never-ending suffering -- here`s good news. A simple surgery involving a pacemaker can guarantee normal life to those affected.