Teenagers not aware of privacy risks on social media
Teenagers not aware of privacy risks on social media

Most teenagers upload personal information on the social media networks like Facebook without considering the risks involved, says a study.

Bogus emails lure people into sharing personal information
Bogus emails lure people into sharing personal information

 More internet users are being lured into revealing personal information as they log into bogus emails, says a new study.

Personal information can't be shared even if spouse demands it: CIC

Details about finances of a woman cannot be given by a public authority even to her husband under the Right to Information Act as it is personal information, the Central Information Commission has said.

Google begins removing some results in Europe

Google has begun deleting some search results at the request of users, following a May court ruling that European Union citizens have a right to ask for the removal of irrelevant or embarrassing personal information that pops up on a search of their names.

Apple`s developer website hacked

Apple Inc, the iconic maker of iPhone and iPad, has temporarily shut down its developer site after a hacker last week tried to steal personal information about the most valued technology firm`s software developers.

Facebook users `unwittingly` sharing more personal info than ever: Study

Facebook users are unwittingly sharing more personal information online than ever, according to a study.

How to minimize personal risk of hacking

People can follow some simple steps to minimize the risk of getting their personal information hacked, a New Zealand-based security has said.

10 top Google apps found to extract personal user details revealed

Ten Google Android mobile phone applications, including the Angry Birds game, have been found to extract personal information of users like their location, contacts and device identifying details.

Facebook to give advance warning if mobile applications pull users` personal information

Social networking giant Facebook to give people advance warning if its mobile applications pulls users` personal information.

Software that spills info just by seeing your pic

A software that can access a wealth of personal info just by reading the picture of your face has been developed by researchers.