No proof so far that NSA bugged Merkel's phone: Prosecutor

Germany`s top public prosecutor said an investigation into suspected tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel`s mobile phone by U.S. spies had so far failed to find any concrete evidence.

No proof of murder in Marco Pantani case: Prosecutor
No proof of murder in Marco Pantani case: Prosecutor

Nothing has emerged in the latest investigation into the death of Italian cycling star Marco Pantani to indicate he was murdered, the public prosecutor in Rimini said Friday.

Charges may be filed in La Liga match-fixing case next week
Charges may be filed in La Liga match-fixing case next week

Spain`s anti-corruption prosecutor could be ready to file charges in a suspected case of match-fixing involving La Liga clubs Levante and Real Zaragoza early next week.

Prosecutor says `deceitful` Oscar Pistorius can`t dodge murder charge

A South African prosecutor branded Oscar Pistorius "deceitful" and insisted the Paralympian cannot avoid a conviction for murdering his glamorous model girlfriend, as the state closed its case against him Thursday.

Convict sentenced to over 10 years not to be released without hearing prosecutor: SC

The appellate court shall not release a convict, sentenced to punishment for death or life imprisonment or for a period of ten years or more, without hearing public prosecutor, SC ruled.

Australia network defends Pistorius footage

An Australian television network today defended its decision to air footage showing Oscar Pistorius in a shock reenactment of the night he shot his girlfriend, insisting it was not obtained illegally.

`Pit bull` Pistorius prosecutor shines in court

Through his fiery cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius and mauling of expert witnesses, state prosecutor Gerrie Nel has become a global cult hero and a rare poster boy for South Africa`s beleaguered public sector.

Forensic expert faulted at Pistorius trial

The prosecutor at the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee Olympian, cross-examined one of the defense`s forensic experts today after the judge overseeing the case warned spectators watching the televised proceedings in an adjacent room for their "unruly" behaviour.

Pistorius case to be adjourned from Thursday

The judge overseeing Oscar Pistorius`s murder trial has granted an adjournment from Thursday afternoon until May 5, citing scheduling concerns raised on behalf of the state.

Prosecution accuses Pistorius of tailoring evidence

The prosecution on Friday angrily accused Oscar Pistorius of tailoring evidence while rubbishing his account of why he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp as a fabrication.

Prosecutor to Pistorius: Did Reeva scream when you shot her?

Oscar Pistorius` three-day cross-examination reached a dramatic climax on Friday when a prosecutor challenged the double-amputee sprinter repeatedly as to why his girlfriend failed to scream when she was shot four times through a toilet door.

Prosecutor accuses `self-obsessed` Pistorius of being `selfish, egoistical liar`

The chief prosecutor in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius has reportedly accused the Paralympian of being an `selfish, egoistical liar` and `self-obsessed`.

Judge scolds prosecutor for `scornfully` laughing at Pistorius during cross-examination

The judge at the Oscar Pistorius murder trial had reportedly sternly reprimanded the chief prosecutor for laughing `scornfully` at the Blade Runner during his interrogation on Thursday, and told him to restrain himself.

Pistorius admits `no reason` to fire fatal shots

Under pummelling cross- examination, Oscar Pistorius admitted on Thursday that he had "no reason" to fire the shots that killed Reeva Steenkamp, as prosecutors began to zero in on apparent inconsistencies in key parts of his account.

Oscar Pistorius forced to look at "exploded" head of girlfriend

A South African prosecutor forced Oscar Pistorius on Wednesday to look at a forensic photograph that showed the head of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after it was blown open by a hollow-point bullet fired by the Olympic and Paralympic track star.

Pakistani prosecutor handling Mumbai case seeks security

A senior Pakistani prosecutor, who is in-charge of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks case and the Benazir Bhutto murder case, has sought security as his life is under threat.

Probe into Michael Schumacher fall closed: Prosecutor

French investigators have ruled out any third party involvement in the ski accident of former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher and have closed the case, the local prosecutor said on Monday.

Musharraf`s condition like that of `18-year-old`: Prosecutor

The condition of former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf was today compared to that of an "18-year-old" by the government prosecutor to emphasise that he did not have any justification for skipping his treason trial.

Schumacher accident not due to skis, speed or signs: investigators

Investigators probing Michael Schumacher`s accident on Wednesday ruled out faulty skis, inadequate signage and excessive speed as possible causes of his life-threatening off-piste fall in the French Alps.

Kate Middleton`s on phone-hacker`s `target` list: Prosecutor

British prosecutors say a private investigator convicted of phone hacking had Kate Middleton`s name on a list of potential targets.