Fukushima accepts `temporary` radioactive waste storage

The Governor of disaster-struck Fukushima agreed Monday to accept the "temporary" storage of nuclear waste from the Japanese accident, paving the way for an end to a years-long standoff.

Malaysian police detain Australian activist

Malaysian police were holding an Australian activist in custody after she was arrested together with 15 others protesting against a rare earth plant accused of producing radioactive waste.

Six tanks at Washington nuclear site leaking ‘radioactive waste`

Washington governor Jay Islee has revealed that six tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the southeast part of the state are leaking radioactive waste.

Ocean `green rust` could scrape toxic metals

Research suggests for the first time that `green rust` was likely widespread in ancient oceans and may have played a vital role in the creation of our early atmosphere.

Radioactive waste from Japan shipped to China

China has intercepted 1,127 tonnes of waste metals from Japan with excessive gamma radiation that was shipped to the eastern coastal city of Ningbo, customs officials said.

Russia has 25,000 undersea radioactive waste sites

There are nearly 25,000 hazardous underwater objects containing solid radioactive waste in Russia, an emergencies ministry official said Monday.

NHRC to probe radioactive waste at hospital

Concerned over reports that a
government hospital was not disposing of radioactive waste
from its premises, the NHRC on Thursday
asked its investigation wing to conduct an on the spot inquiry
and submit its report.

AERB for tightening of norms to import radioactive waste

As more sources of radiation were
detected from junk shops here, country`s nuclear regulator
today demanded tightening of norms for import of radioactive

Sweden probes claims Russia dumped waste: Report

Swedish TV is reporting that a prosecutor is investigating claims that Russia dumped radioactive waste in the Baltic Sea in the early 1990s.

Indian scientist designs method to reduce radioactive waste

Nuke power could meet all our energy needs but leaves dangerous radioactive waste. Now, a team led by an Indian scientist has developed a new method.

New polymer to reduce radioactive waste in nuclear reactors

Indian scientists have developed a
new polymer that reduces radioactive waste in nuclear
reactors, making the decontamination process a less expensive