Lay special emphasis on India: Top senators to US Defence Secretary

Two top American Senators have appealed to US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter to place special emphasis on India as a "critical ally" so that the two countries could pursue their broad array of strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

US Congress panel asks Hillary Clinton to hand over e-mail server

A Republican-led US congressional panel has formally asked Hillary Clinton to hand over her private computer server, ramping up scrutiny over her use of a personal e-mail address while secretary of state.

Barack Obama ignores Iran expansion to get deal: Republicans

Republicans hammering the Obama administration about nuclear talks with Iran have stepped up their criticism on a second front: accusing President Barack Obama of being so keen to strike a deal that he's ignored Iranian moves to expand its influence across the Middle East.

Eye on 2016, Republicans barnstorm early-voting New Hampshire

 Several Republican presidential hopefuls crowded into New Hampshire including Jeb Bush, who launched his 2016 debut in the early-primary state Friday to court some of America`s most influential voters.

Obama mocks US Republicans' letter to Iran, Biden blasts it as 'dangerous'
Obama mocks US Republicans' letter to Iran, Biden blasts it as 'dangerous'

Making light of a threatening letter to Iran sent by Republican Senators, President Barack Obama has derided the opponents and said that it was “ironic” to see some Congress members forming an “unusual coalition” with Iranian hardliners.

US Democrats set early presidential convention date

US Democrats will convene the week of July 25, 2016 for their national convention to nominate the person they hope will succeed Barack Obama as president, a party leader said Friday.

Indian-American appointed minority floor leader in Michigan

Indian-American Sam Singh, a two-term legislature, has been appointed as the Democratic Floor Leader in the Michigan State Assembly in the US.

John Boehner re-elected US House speaker

 Republican John Boehner was re-elected and sworn in on Tuesday as speaker of the US House of Representatives, overcoming a surprisingly robust attempt to oust him by two dozen hardcore conservatives.

Hillary Clinton trumps Jeb Bush in 2016 matchup: poll

Presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would comfortably defeat Jeb Bush for president if the two members of their famous US political clans went head to head in 2016, poll results showed Monday.

Barack Obama likely to introduce immigration reforms today

US President Barack Obama is expected to unveil his plans for immigration reform in an address to the nation on Thursday.

Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera confident of winning Sacramento County seat

 Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera is confident of winning the Sacramento County seat after gaining more than 1,650 votes over his Republican opponent in the polls, with several thousand ballots still to be counted.

Barack Obama, Republicans vow cooperation with a dash of defiance
Barack Obama, Republicans vow cooperation with a dash of defiance

With US mid-term elections turning the tide in favour of the Republicans, President Barack Obama on Wednesday appeared to seek common ground and work together with the rivals for America's prosperity. 

US mid-terms 2014: Republicans conquer Senate; tough times ahead for Barack Obama?
US mid-terms 2014: Republicans conquer Senate; tough times ahead for Barack Obama?

Riding on a wave of seething discontent among voters, coupled by plummeting approval ratings for President Barack Obama, the Republicans romped to victory in US mid-term elections, winning the Senate for the first time in eight years.

New York voters elect youngest woman to US Congress

A 30-year-old upstate New York Republican on Tuesday made history by becoming the youngest woman elected to US Congress, shattering a record set before she was born.

BJP, Shiv Sena begin wooing their smaller alliance partners

After the 25-year-old BJP-Shiv Sena alliance came to an end, both the parties on Thursday appealed to their smaller alliance partners to join hands with them for the forthcoming Maharashtra assembly polls.

Bobby Jindal still mulling 2016 White House run

Louisiana`s Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal will not make a decision about a White House run in 2016 until after November as he tries to make his Republican Party "stop being the stupid party.

US Republican chairman: Hillary Clinton`s age, health ``fair game``

Hillary Clinton`s age and health are valid campaign issues if the 66-year-old Democrat makes another run for U.S. president in 2016, the Republican Party leader said on Sunday.

Indian-American elected for top Republican post in Iowa

Indian-American businessman Gopal T K Krishna has been elected as the co-chair of the Republican Party in the US state of Iowa.

US Republican party denies inviting Narendra Modi to address leaders

Republican leaders have denied extending an invitation to Narendra Modi to address Congressional leaders and Indian-Americans via video link next week.

Chris Christie wins big in New Jersey, Democrat takes Virginia in governors` races

Moderate Republican Chris Christie easily won re-election as New Jersey governor, while a conservative Republican popular with the Tea Party movement narrowly lost his bid for the Virginia governorship.