Dumb smartphone thief posts selfie on victim`s Facebook

In a freak episode, a dumb smartphone thief has posted his selfie on the victim`s Facebook page in the US.

App clicks thief`s selfie, gets her arrested

An app called Lookout has hunted down a woman thief who stole a smartphone from a woman`s car in Florida.

Man`s selfie with bulls may lead to $4000 fine

A daredevil participant in the running of the bulls festival in Spain may be slapped with a USD 4,100 fine after he took an extremely dangerous selfie by snapping himself inches from a group of charging animals.

Jennifer Lopez shares selfie with Michelle Obama

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez and US First Lady Michelle Obama posed for a selfie at a convention recently.

App to turn your selfie into funny stickers

Want to share your face with friends at various social networking sites without them losing interest in you? Try this app that turns your selfies into stickers.

Megan Fox joins Instagram, shares selfie

Megan Fox became the latest Hollywood celebrity to join photosharing website Instagram.

Thailand`s martial law gives rise to selfies

Sometimes you never know when the opportunity for an interesting selfie will present itself.

`Selfie` obsession in Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities seem to be taking selfies like fish to water.

Jessie J posts naked selfie

Pop star Jessie J posted pictures from her bed wearing just a white sheet following her performances in Spain and Portugal.

Vanessa Hudgens posts edgy rock selfie on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens posted an edgy rock selfie with vampish dark lips and killer long nails on Instagram and urged her fans to `change the world.`

Katy Perry takes selfie with Adele

Pop star Katy Perry posted a selfie with Oscar-winning singer Adele after meeting her at London`s O2 Arena.

Attempts to post bizarre pictures proves fatal

Attempts to click bizarre pictures to upload them on social networking sites ended in tragedy with a 16-year-old boy being run over by a train and another dying while videographing his own mock hanging.

Thailand`s martial law gives rise to selfies

Sometimes you never know when the opportunity for an interesting selfie will present itself.

Zooey Deschanel shares a makeup-free selfie

`New Girl` star Zooey Deschanel posted a barefaced selfie on Twitter and still managed to pull a gorgeous look.

James Franco defends risky underwear selfie

`127 Hours` star James Franco has defended the provocative selfie that shows him nearly exposing himself.

South Africa election body urges responsible `selfies`

South Africa goes to polls on May 7 in the fifth democratic elections after the fall of apartheid in 1994.

This space selfie not to be missed!

While replacing a dead primary computer outside the International Space Station (ISS) Wednesday, two astronauts did not mind taking a selfie which is now giving the earth dwellers goosebumps.

Narendra Modi posts selfie with Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat`s 40th birthday Tuesday couldn`t have been made more special - Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi not just wished him via a tweet on his special day, but also posted a selfie with the author on an online microblogging platform.

Gwyneth Paltrow posts star studded selfie

Gwyneth Paltrow has shared a selfie featuring many celebrity friends like Gwen Stefani and Naomi Watts during a dinner on her Instagram page.

Jodie Marsh posts `X-rated` nude selfie on social media

Jodie Marsh snapped a naked selfie of herself sprawled across her cream satin sheets, and posted it on Instagram.