Woman jailed in UK for killing Sikh man

A 31-year-old woman has been sentenced to six years in jail in the UK for killing a Sikh man while driving a car at over 110 km per hour and texting and talking on two phones.

Sikh man found guilty of domestic violence, rape in New Zealand

A Sikh man was found guilty of domestic violence and sexual attacks against his Indian wife by a court in New Zealand.

Sikh man in New Zealand held guilty of domestic violence, rape

A Sikh man in New Zealand has been found guilty of domestic violence and rape by a court.

Sikh man in Finland wins right to wear turban at work

A Sikh bus driver in Finland has won a year-long legal battle with his employer to wear a turban at work.

Sikh man pleads not guilty to attack on Namdhari leader in UK

An Indian-origin man on Wednesday appeared in a British court to plead not guilty to the attempted murder of a Namdhari sect leader during a trip to London.

Sikh man gets USD 50,000 in religious discrimination case

A Sikh man in the US has received USD 50,000 as compensation in an out-of-court settlement of a religious discrimination lawsuit against a car dealership in New Jersey for denying him a job for sporting a beard.

Sikh man beaten up in US, held for keeping Kripan

An elderly Sikh man, in his early 70s, was allegedly beaten up by his neighbour in New Jersey following an altercation.

Sikh man stabbed at California airport

A Sikh man traveling to India has
been stabbed at an airport in California.

Oz pub ejects Sikh man for wearing turban

An Australian pub that has a no headwear policy was forced to apologise on Monday after ejecting a Sikh man for refusing to take off his turban.