NASA observes return of giant sunspot producing mid-level flare
NASA observes return of giant sunspot producing mid-level flare

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has recently observes the return of giant sunspot that produced mid-level flare on Nov. 16, 2014.

Solar Dynamics Observatory captures mid-level solar flare
Solar Dynamics Observatory captures mid-level solar flare

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recently captured a mid-level solar flare .

New technique could help probe Sun`s depth

A tracer has been found in the sun`s atmosphere to help track the flow of material coursing underneath the sun`s surface.

Mechanism behind solar flares revealed

Scientists have for the first time witnessed the mechanism behind explosive energy releases in the Sun`s atmosphere, which has in turn confirmed new theories about how solar flares are created.

Giant sunspot makes third appearance across sun

A giant sunspot - a magnetically strong and complex region on the sun`s surface - has appeared for the third time over the sun`s horizon.

Scottish Mars exploration plan given 4 mn pound funding

A space programme led by a Scottish research group has received about 4 million pounds in funding to develop a drill to explore the surface of Mars.

Solar activity weakest in a century

The Sun is at its weakest in 100 years despite being at the peak of its 11-year cycle, scientists have found.

Space weather `implicated` for satellite failures

Scientists suspect that space weather may be the culprit behind some satellite failures.

Solar storm 2013 heading towards Earth – any danger?

A solar storm that erupted from the sun on Tuesday is blasting billions of charged particles towards Earth at a mind-boggling speed of 3.3 million kilometre per hour.

Solar flares help solve matter-antimatter puzzle

Antimatter has been detected in solar flares via microwave and magnetic-field data, according to a new research.

New method proposed to predict solar flares

Researchers have tested the reliability of seven techniques against their record of predicting flares and non-flare events correctly, as well as their history of missed flares and false alarms.

Sun`s lost its head, pilots and high flyers beware

Air passengers, beware. Your health and that of the crew is at stake.

Culprit behind magnetic field misbehavior in solar flares identified

When a solar flare filled with charged particles erupts from the Sun, its magnetic fields sometime break a widely accepted rule of physics.

Sun shoots four powerful solar flares into space

The sun has put on a spectacular light show in recent days, firing off solar flares and coronal mass ejections that have sent particles from the sun hurtling into space at speeds of over 2,000 km per second.

Sun erupted with three X-class flares in 24 hours

NASA`s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured images of three X-class flares that the sun emitted in under 24 hours on May 12-13, 2013.

Sun`s magnetic `heartbeat` discovered

Scientists claim to have discovered a magnetic "solar heartbeat" in the Sun`s deep interior that generates energy which leads to solar flares and sunspots.

New system `may predict solar flares in advance`

Researchers may have discovered a new method to predict solar flares more than a day before they occur, providing advance warning to help protect satellites, power grids and astronauts from potentially dangerous radiation.

New system could predict solar flares in advance

A new method could predict solar flares more than a day before they occur.

Massive sunspot could create solar flares directed toward Earth

Scientists say the largest sunspot seen in years has appeared on the surface of the sun, and it could generate solar flares whose effects are visible on Earth.

Effects of solar flares arriving on Earth

The impact of a series of eruptions on the sun began arriving at Earth on Friday and could affect some communications for a day or so.