Tips to treat sunburn

Sunburn can be painful not only due to its immediate affects on the skin but also for the scars left by them. Therefore, its important to take precaution and even more important to select the right kind of treatment for its cure.

Easy homemade packs to remove skin tan

Summer is here with all its heat, sweat and high humidity levels which can seriously damage your skin. A lot of care must be taken in order to avoid beauty woes like body tanning.

Why too much sun holds more health benefits than dangers

People who love exposing themselves to the sun can now take solace, as a new study has revealed that though spending long hours in sun may up health hazards, it has lot of benefits too.

Soothe the sunburn and keep the tan!

Several people like to soak up the sun to get a good tan, but getting sunburnt is not at all attractive.

Tomato pill helps sunbathers keep skin `wrinkle-free`

A pill, which is produced from tomatoes can protect sunbathers from wrinkled skin and can make tans last longer, its makers have claimed.