Suspect package sent to US embassy in New Zealand

Emergency services rushed to the United States embassy in Wellington on Wednesday after a suspicious package was found in the third such incident in less than 24 hours in New Zealand. 

Iranians mark anniversary of US Embassy takeover

Thousands of Iranians are chanting "Down with America" at a major anti-US rally to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran.

Protesters demand Philippine custody of US Marine

Dozens of activists burned a mock US flag as they protested at the US Embassy in Manila on Tuesday, demanding that Washington hand over to the Philippines a US Marine suspected in the killing of a transgender Filipino that the demonstrators labeled a hate crime.

Yemen Qaeda claims rocket attack near US embassy

Yemen`s Al-Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for a rocket that hit near the US embassy in Sanaa Saturday, shortly after the mission said it was unlikely the target.

Uganda carrying out anti-terrorism operation: US embassy

Ugandan security forces are carrying out an operation against a "suspected terrorist cell" in the capital Kampala, the US embassy warned on Saturday.

Libya militias take control of Tripoli govt offices

Libya's toothless outgoing government on Monday admitted it had lost control of government offices in Tripoli to armed militias.

US embassy workers to leave Liberia

The US State Department has ordered all workers and their families at its embassy in Liberia to leave the country in the wake of the Ebola virus pandemic in the west African nation.

US slams Sri Lanka over intimidation of war victims

The United States led Western criticism of Sri Lanka today after pro-government activists broke up a meeting of US diplomats and ethnic Tamils who lost loved ones in the island`s separatist war.

US evacuates embassy amid ongoing violence in Libya

The US Saturday shut down its embassy in Libya and evacuated its personnel to neighbouring Tunisia as clashes between rival militias in the country`s capital Tripoli posed a "very real risk".

Sudan Christian`s lawyers want forgery rap dismissed

Lawyers for a Sudanese Christian woman in hiding at the US embassy in Khartoum sought the dismissal on Sunday of forgery charges against her so she can leave the country.

Native American mask auction held in Paris despite US protest

An auction of Native American masks by the Hopi tribe went ahead in Paris on Friday despite objections from the US embassy and members of the 18,000-strong Arizona community.

800 interviewed on student visa day at US embassy

The US embassy here Thursday organised a "student visa day" and around 800 applicants aspiring to study in America were interviewed.

US to boost security at embassy in Iraq: Official

The US embassy in Baghdad is increasing its security staff and vowed to remain open after militants captured vast swathes of territory and headed for the capital, officials said.

Fire near US embassy in New Delhi

A fire broke out near the United States embassy here on Wednesday afternoon, reports said.

Tunisia delays trial of suspects in US embassy attack

A Tunisian court delayed for the third time today the appeals trial of Islamists accused of attacking the US embassy in 2012, with numerous defendants and lawyers absent.

US embassy in Yemen closed to public

The US embassy in Yemen is closed to the public for the time being in response to a string of attacks on foreign diplomats in the past two months, the State Department said Wednesday.

Thousands of hard-liners in Iran protest nuke deal

Thousands of hard-liners in Iran have gathered at the former US Embassy in Tehran to protest against the Islamic Republic`s recent deal with world powers over its contested nuclear programme.

Ecuador orders 20 Pentagon employees to leave: US embassy

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa has ordered 20 Pentagon officers and staff to leave the country, a United States (US) embassy official said Friday.

Anti-Obama protesters clash with police in Manila

Philippine police today clashed with more than 100 left-wing activists who rallied at the US Embassy here opposing President Barack Obama`s upcoming visit.