Hindu community lives in constant fear in Pakistan: US lawmakers
Hindu community lives in constant fear in Pakistan: US lawmakers

Influential American lawmakers have expressed concern over deterioration of human rights situation in particular those of the minority Hindus in Pakistan's Sindh province.

US lawmakers line up to meet Modi at Silicon Valley
US lawmakers line up to meet Modi at Silicon Valley

A number of influential American lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic parties are lining up to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is scheduled to arrive at Silicon Valley on Saturday, organisers of the community reception have said.

US lawmakers hail Modi's trip to Silicon Valley

 Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s second visit to the US, several US lawmakers have hoped it would deepen Indian investment in the US and drive more development in India with use of US technological knowledge.

Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war

President Barack Obama made an aggressive case for his signature nuclear deal with Iran Wednesday, telling wavering lawmakers that rejecting diplomacy would lead to war and destroy US credibility.


US lawmakers will vote on Iran deal disapproval resolution

Republican U.S. Representative Ed Royce, the chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, on Tuesday introduced legislation to disapprove of the nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran.

Bring Malala attackers to justice: US Senators ask Pakistan
Bring Malala attackers to justice: US Senators ask Pakistan

Expressing deep concern over the acquittal of eight of the 10 men jailed for attack on Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai, two top US lawmakers have asked Pakistan to bring the attackers to justice.

US lawmakers in Havana hopeful on lifting Cuba sanctions

 As Cuba and the United States work on thawing ties, a group of US lawmakers voiced optimism in Havana Wednesday that the US economic embargo against Cuba could be lifted.

US lawmakers ease Obama`s path to trade deal

Senior US lawmakers reached a deal Thursday to make it easier for President Barack Obama to negotiate a massive trade accord with 11 other Asia-Pacific nations.

Indian-American mom seeks Congress help to reunite with kids

Battling overwhelming odds to reunite with her twin children, an Indian-American mother has turned to US lawmakers seeking their help to get her sons back who were allegedly "abducted" by her ex-husband while on a trip to India.

US lawmakers' Iran letter 'beneath dignity' of Senate: Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at Republican lawmakers for their "highly misleading" letter Monday to Iran`s leaders cautioning against a nuclear deal with the United States.

Indian-American docs to brief US lawmakers on healthcare issues

The largest ethnic organization of physicians, representing over 100,000 physicians of Indian origin, would hold a Legislative Day here in March to brief lawmakers on their views regarding healthcare issues.

US lawmakers condemn police assault on Indian grandfather

Several US lawmakers condemned the police assault on an Indian grandfather who was slammed to the ground by a police officer in Alabama - while he was out for a walk in the neighbourhood - leaving him partially paralysed as donations poured in for the victim.

Impose travel ban, sanctions on Pakistan: US Senators to Kerry

Expressing concern over Pakistan's failure to combat terrorism, two top US lawmakers have asked Secretary of State John Kerry to consider travel ban, suspending portions of assistance and impose sanctions on officials who maintain ties with designated terrorist groups.

Give Iran diplomacy a chance, Europeans urge US lawmakers

Top European diplomats on Thursday waded into the political fray in Washington over Iran, urging US lawmakers to hold off on new sanctions and pleading for time to allow nuclear talks to succeed.

Sikhs ask US lawmakers to ensure religious liberty in military

Sikhs enjoy greater religious liberty in the militaries of countries like India, Canada and Britain than the US, a Sikh advocacy group has said, presenting a case for removal of barriers for the members of the community to join armed forces in America.

US lawmakers congratulate Malala for winning Nobel prize

More than a dozen of US lawmakers have introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives congratulating young Pakistani peace activist Malala Yousafzai for winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Top US lawmakers send Diwali greetings celebrations

Cutting across party lines, top US lawmakers have greeted the influential Indian American community on Diwali and wished them an auspicious and successful year ahead.

US lawmakers in strength at Modi's reception

Several US lawmakers, including the only Indian-American Congressman and the first Hindu House member, made a beeline for the Madison Square Garden in New York to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi and boost India-US relations.

More than three dozen US lawmakers attend Modi's Madison Square event

In an unprecedented show of solidarity for India-US relationship, more than three dozen top US lawmakers on Sunday attended the public reception hosted for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the iconic Madison Square Garden here.

US lawmakers disappointed over FIBA decision on Sikh players
US lawmakers disappointed over FIBA decision on Sikh players

 Two leading US lawmakers have expressed disappointment over the decision of FIBA to continue with its policy to ban players from wearing headgears in international matches, even though it allowed them to sport religious headgear as part of a "trial period" for two years.