Lawmakers back Obama's fight against Islamic State, but vote uncertain

US lawmakers pledged support on Thursday for President Barack Obama`s plan to expand the military fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, but fears of an open-ended conflict and questions about how to pay for it could complicate any vote on the effort.

US Congress may soon vote to arm, train Syria rebels

US lawmakers could vote within days to authorize the military to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels, with Democrats drafting the legislation Wednesday in an effort to reverse advances by the Islamic State (IS).

Lawmakers call for ending discrimination of Sikhs in US

Recalling the Oak Creek Gurudwara shooting victims two years ago, two American lawmakers have called for working towards ending discrimination of Sikhs in the US.

Syria defector shows war `torture` photos to US lawmakers

US lawmakers saw graphic images of the brutal conflict in Syria as an Army defector gave an eyewitness account of the horrors he was forced to photograph.

US lawmakers boost funding for Israel`s Iron Dome

With US ally Israel facing a barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza, a Senate panel on Tuesday approved a 50 percent funding boost for the Jewish State`s Iron Dome anti-missile system.

Indian PM should address Congress: US lawmakers

US lawmakers were spearheading an effort Friday to get Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited to address a joint session of Congress when he visits the United States in September. 

Once denied visa, Narendra Modi now likely to address US Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, once denied a visa to enter the United States over 2002 Gujarat riots, is expected to receive the honour of addressing a joint session of the US Congress during a visit to Washington in September.

US lawmaker seeks improvement in visa approval for Indian docs

An influential US lawmaker today asked the State Department to improve the visa approval process for doctors from India and Pakistan.

US lawmakers move to toughen North Korea sanctions

US lawmakers moved on Thursday to toughen sanctions against North Korea by targeting money laundering and human rights violations, voicing impatience with the hardline regime.

US lawmakers, Indian-Americans congratulate Modi

US lawmakers and Indian-Americans have congratulated Narendra Modi for leading the BJP to a historic win, hoping that his elevation to the prime minister`s post would further strengthen bilateral ties.

US lawmakers call for improved India-US ties

Terming India as the most important strategic partner, top US lawmakers have called for improving the bilateral ties.

US lawmakers rule out terrorism behind missing Malaysian jet

Top US lawmakers familiar with the intelligence information on Sunday said that evidence garnered so far do not indicate terrorism as a possible cause behind the Malaysian plane that went missing with 239 people aboard.

US lawmakers to vote on secret CIA interrogation report

A US Senate committee will vote next week on whether to declassify its report on a CIA interrogation program, potentially shedding light on some of the most objectionable tactics of America`s war on terror.

US lawmakers seek tighter N Korea sanctions over rights

A senior US lawmaker has vowed to seek stiffer sanctions against North Korea due to human rights concerns after a stinging UN report likened the regime`s abuses to the Holocaust.

US lawmakers seek end to Liu Xia`s confinement in China

Two US lawmakers have sought an end to the confinement of Liu Xia, wife of 2010 Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, describing her detention by China as "a flagrant violation of international obligations".

Snowden leaks may be `lethal` for troops: Lawmakers

Fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden`s theft of 1.7 million secret documents could potentially put US military forces in "lethal" danger worldwide, American lawmakers warned on Friday, citing a confidential Pentagon report.

US lawmakers to visit European officials on surveillance

Lawmakers will launch a "goodwill" mission to Europe next week to smooth ties frayed by revelations of American espionage on Europeans allegedly including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

US lawmakers urge Pak PM to release doc who helped track Osama

A group of top US lawmakers have urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to release Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi, who allegedly helped the US to track down al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

US lawmakers close to deal to end 14-day-old shutdown

As the US inched closer to an unprecedented debt default, US lawmakers on Tuesday held a flurry of negotiations and expressed optimism over a potential deal that could end the government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling and avert a crisis that may trigger a global economic turmoil.

Eight lawmakers arrested at US immigration rally

Eight Democrat members of US Congress courted arrest in a show of civil disobedience at a rally here calling for comprehensive immigration reform to legalise America`s 11 million undocumented workers, including 300,000 Indians.