Indian-origin US student in Fiji court for Facebook intimidation

 An Indian-origin US student appeared in a Fiji court for luring a Fijian girl into sending her explicit photos and then intimidating her, media reported Thursday.

US student held for threatening to bring gun to school

An 11-year-old school student in the US state of Texas has been arrested after he allegedly threatened to bring a gun to school, media reports said.

US student feasts on housemate`s body parts

A college student accused of killing a housemate in the US has told police that he ate the victim`s heart and part of brain after his death.

US student says he was beaten after Cairo arrest

The American students held during protests in Egypt were told they would be shot if they moved or made any noise.

Indictment against US student who filmed gay roommate

A US 19-year-old has been
indicted on hate-crime charges for using a webcam to capture a
gay encounter involving his roommate, who later committed

US student jumps to death after gay webcam footage

Two students at Rutgers have been charged with invasion of privacy.