Madras HC upholds order against extraction of ground water

Observing that water is elixir for life and its over exploitation would lead to contamination, Madras High Court has ruled government could stop extraction of ground water for commercial purposes.

Madhya Pradesh farmers stand in water for the ninth day protesting delay in relief

Farmers demonstrating against delay in compensation in Madhya Pradesh continued their agitation as they stood in water fighting poor health for the ninth day in a row.

Task force to review 30 interlinking river projects

The newly constituted task force on interlinking rivers of the water resources ministry would "review" 30 interlinking river projects in the country and suggest alternatives if some existing links are "unviable".

Mesh that captures oil but lets water through

Ever heard of a mesh that can separate oil from water? Here's one that can go a long way in future environmental cleanups.

On another planet: the weird ways of water

Once every 20 or 30 years, a superstorm greater than Earth breaks out on Saturn and whips around the ringed planet in a violent spectacle that rages for months on end.

Be summer ready for the love of skin
Be summer ready for the love of skin

 Not everything about summer is shiny and bright as scorching heat and harsh sun rays of the season can play havoc with the skin. Skin gets battered as it tends to lose its natural tone and moisture leading to tanning, pre-mature ageing and sun spots.

Chhattisgarh to provide 2 lakh drinking water connections

 Chhattisgarh government has set a target to provide domestic water connections to around 2 lakh households in a year under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), it was officially announced here on Friday.

'India needs to step up research in photonics'

India needs to step up research in photonics, which will help it solve several problems ranging from lack of adequate communications in rural areas to reliable supply of water, says a pioneer in the realm.

America's Golden State of California to have water rationing

Faced by its worst drought in history, America's richest state of California has imposed mandatory water restrictions requiring residents, businesses, farms and even its expansive golf courses to reduce usage by 25 percent.

'Galli Galli Sim Sim' to cover 50,000 kids

Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through PSAs, 'Galli Galli Sim Sim' (GGSS) campaign will be rolled out to cover over 50,000 children and their families from April 2015.

Delhi govt planning to provide recycled water to clusters

Taking a cue from Singapore, Delhi Government is planning an ambitious project to provide recycled water to clusters of 100-200 houses, the supply for which is expected to cost less than development charge for sewage system.

More proof for groundwater on Mars
More proof for groundwater on Mars

A new research has given more evidence for groundwater on Mars.

HC fiat on supply of water from Haryana to Delhi

 Delhi High Court on Friday said Haryana appeared to be "trying to resile or renege" from the arrangement made by it for supply of water to Delhi and ordered instalment of ultrasonic water meters in Munak canal to measure the water there.

Geologic history of flowing water on Mars 4 billion-years-ago revealed
Geologic history of flowing water on Mars 4 billion-years-ago revealed

A new study has provided a deeper insight into the geologic history of flowing water on Mars 4 billion-years-ago.

VIPs to face water cut in event of crisis: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has directed Delhi Jal Board to cut water for even VIPs in case of water shortage in the future.

And now an ATM for water!

If all goes well, water scarcity will soon be history in this part of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. An ATM-like machine that dispenses water will come up here in a fortnight.

World Water Day 2015: Save every drop of it!
World Water Day 2015: Save every drop of it!

World Water Day is a United Nations initiative to celebrate clean water and bring attention to those who don’t have enough of it. It's also a day to understand the valuable significance of water, discuss and conserve this finite resource in the future. 

Conserve water for sustainable development: Puducherry CM

Chief Minister N Rangasamy on Saturday stressed the need for residents and industrialists to conserve water for sustainable development.

Construction of three dams to end Delhi water woes: Govt

The construction of three dams in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh is likely to end the water woes of Delhi, government said on Thursday.