Evidence of wider US waterboarding: HRW

A Human Rights Watch report paints a more complete picture of the US` close cooperation with the regime of Libya`s Muammar Gaddafi.

US doctor accused of `waterboarding` daughter

The daughter of a US doctor who has appeared on national TV for his research on near-death experiences told investigators he "waterboarded" her.

Republican rivals wrong on waterboarding: Obama

Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over the face of an immobilised captive.

`Waterboarding helped in tracking down Osama`

Ex-US vice president calls for reinstatement of harsh interrogation methods.

Bush, in memoir, says he approved waterboarding: Report

Former US Prez George Bush says in his memoir that he approved CIA to waterboard 9/11 mastermind.

Ex-Bush aide Rove `proud` of waterboarding

A top aide to former US president George W Bush has defended the use of harsh interrogation techniques, insisting he is "proud" of the methods and they had helped prevent terrorist attacks.