Jewelers in Jaipur craft hand-made silver replica of Chandrayaan-2, dedicate it to ISRO

The Chandrayaan-2 model is not for sale, they say it has been made for gifting. They hope to send it to the ISRO headquarters with the help of PMO. 

Dec 29, 2019, 16:53 PM IST

Our own orbiter had located Vikram Lander earlier, says ISRO Chief K Sivan after NASA releases images

On its website, a statement was issued by the space agency on September 10, 2019, stating, "Vikram lander has been located by the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2, but no communication with it yet. All possible efforts are being made to establish communication with the lander."

Dec 04, 2019, 09:08 AM IST

Meet Shanmuga Subramanian, the Chennai-based engineer who found Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander

The NASA has credited Subramanian, 33, with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander find. The site was located by Subramanian, who on his own scoured the pictures taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera (LROC), NASA and Arizona State University (ASU) announced on Monday confirming the find.

Dec 03, 2019, 10:14 AM IST

NASA finds Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander on moon's surface, releases images of impact site

The NASA posted images clicked by its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Camera, showing the site`s changes on the Moon and the impact point before and after the spacecraft had made a hard-landing on the lunar surface. It also showed the impact spot of the lander and an associated debris field created by the crash with blue and green dots respectively.

Dec 03, 2019, 06:46 AM IST

Why did the mission fail? asks TMC MP Manas Bhunia on Chandrayaan-2, Union Minister Jitendra Singh hits back

It was unfair to call India's moon mission Chandrayaan-2 a failure, Minister of State for Space Department Jitendra Singh said on the fourth day of winter session of Parliament.'

Nov 21, 2019, 19:35 PM IST

Unfair to call Chandrayaan-2 a failure: Government tells Rajya Sabha

"Chandrayaan-2 was a mission keenly watched by everyone, in fact every Indian. There might have been some amount of disappointments as expressed by Hon`ble member. It will be unfair to describe it as a failure," Minister of State for Space Department Jitendra Singh said in the Upper House.

Nov 21, 2019, 16:44 PM IST

ISRO releases new 3D images of a crater on Moon`s surface captured by Chandrayaan-2

TMC-2 provides images (0.4μm to 0.85μm) at 5m spatial resolution & stereo triplets (fore, nadir and aft views) from a 100 km orbit for preparing Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the complete lunar surface.

Nov 14, 2019, 10:41 AM IST

Chandrayaan-2's IIRS shows first illuminated image of Moon

The image covers part of the lunar farside in the northern hemisphere and a few prominent craters--Sommerfield, Stebbins and Kirkwood--are also seen in the image. 

Oct 17, 2019, 19:07 PM IST

Chandrayaan-2: NASA doing 'rigorous' search for Vikram Lander with fresh lunar pictures

Vikram Lander lost contact with ISRO following its launch from Chandraayan-2 moon orbiter on September 6 and likely landed in an area around the moon's South Pole.

Oct 17, 2019, 09:49 AM IST

Chandrayaan-2 orbiter observes solar flares, analyses Sun's X-ray emissions: ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Thursday said that the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter detected a series of solar flares using Solar X-ray Monitor (XSM) of Chandrayaan 2 and the US’ Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-15) between September 30 to October 1.

Oct 10, 2019, 22:49 PM IST

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Oct 05, 2019, 14:48 PM IST

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Oct 05, 2019, 11:08 AM IST

Durga Puja pandal inspired by Chandrayaan-2 made in Varanasi

Along with the installation of idols of goddesses, people here have also made a statue of ISRO Chief K Sivan and several depiction of astronauts.

Oct 05, 2019, 09:53 AM IST

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Oct 05, 2019, 08:32 AM IST

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Oct 05, 2019, 08:24 AM IST

Payload onboard Chandrayaan-2 sends first high resolution images of Moon

The Orbiter High-Resolution Camera (OHRC) onboard Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Chandrayaan-2 has clicked very high spatial resolution images that were released by the ISRO on Friday.

Oct 05, 2019, 00:01 AM IST

Surat women flaunt body paint tattoos featuring PM Narendra Modi, Donald Trump during Navratri preparations

Navratri, the nine-day festival to worship Goddess Durga kickstarted on Sunday. The preparations to celebrate the 9-day long festival are going in full swing across the country. Amidst this, women from Surat in Gujarat have become a source of attention for carrying body paint tattoo designs on 'current affairs'. 

Sep 30, 2019, 07:12 AM IST

Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander possibly hiding in shadow on lunar surface, yet to determine location: NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) informed it is possible that the Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-2 is hiding in a shadow on the lunar surface after it had a hard landing. It added that the precise location of the spacecraft in the lunar highlands is yet to be determined.

Sep 27, 2019, 09:26 AM IST

Chandrayaan-2 orbiter doing extremely well: ISRO chief K Sivan

A national-level committee is now analysing what really went wrong with the lander said Sivan. He said after the committees submit the report, the ISRO might work on the future plan. 

Sep 26, 2019, 14:02 PM IST

Why Gaganyaan mission is 'extremely important' for India, ISRO chief explains

"Gaganyaan is extremely important for India as it'll boost the science and technology capability of the country," K Sivan said.

Sep 21, 2019, 20:57 PM IST