Communist Party

Chinese government encourages organised blind dates

The rapid modernization has led to stress and competition among the young in China. With many not finding time for companionship, the government is now 'spreading' love.

Sep 22, 2017, 13:53 PM IST

Clashes erupt between CPM, RSS in Kannur

A country made bomb was hurled at two Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) cadres in Koothparambu district in Kannur yesterday.

Sep 09, 2017, 15:15 PM IST

China appoints new army commander in reshuffle

The reshuffle comes as Xi oversees an ambitious military modernisation programme, adding new aircraft carriers and developing stealth fighters and taking a more assertive stance in the disputed East and South China Seas.

Sep 01, 2017, 13:01 PM IST

In China, the Party’s push for influence inside foreign firms stirs fears

The presence of party units has long been a fact of doing business in China, where party organisations exist in nearly 70 per cent of some 1.86 million privately owned companies, the official China Daily reported last month.

Aug 24, 2017, 13:49 PM IST

Chinese vice premier to visit Pakistan for Independence Day celebrations

A high-level Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Wang Yang will visit Pakistan to take part in the country's Independence Day celebrations, officials said on Saturday.

Aug 12, 2017, 19:12 PM IST

Won't allow anyone to split Chinese territory, ready to defeat invasions: Xi ​Jinping

China has maintained that there won't be a meaningful dialogue without the unconditional withdrawal of Indian troops.

Aug 01, 2017, 16:50 PM IST

China's Xi says party cannot rest on laurels in fighting corruption

Chen Miner is seen as a potential new member of the party`s elite Standing Committee when it is unveiled after a reshuffle at the upcoming congress.

Jul 28, 2017, 09:12 AM IST

Corruption scandals in Kerala BJP not a state issue: CPI-M

Another BJP leader in Kerala, M.T. Ramesh, was accused of taking a bribe of a similar amount from another medical college owner to get recognition.

Jul 27, 2017, 17:04 PM IST

China's exiled tycoon Guo ''fabricated'' corruption claims: Report

In an online video stream last month, Guo produced a corporate tree diagram which he said showed companies linked to Yao, including GI Technologies (Beijing) Co.

Jul 27, 2017, 12:45 PM IST

Sikkim standoff should not threaten RCEP deal: Chinese Media

The comment was made by The Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party media group, which generally reflects the views of the ruling party. 

Jul 21, 2017, 14:32 PM IST

Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay should focus on maintaining law in West Bengal: Rupa Ganguly

Earlier in the day, Ganguly said if women are able to survive in Bengal for 15 days without getting raped, then she would take back her statement.

Jul 14, 2017, 23:00 PM IST

Presidential poll: 33% in electoral college have criminal record

Across the electoral college, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has 31 per cent MPs and MLAs with criminal cases, Congress has 26 per cent, Trinamool Congress has 29 per cent, Communist Party of India (Marxist) has 49 per cent, Communist Party of India (CPI) has 58 per cent such MPs and MLAs.

Jul 14, 2017, 20:52 PM IST

China prosecutes former provincial party boss over graft

President Xi Jinping has waged a sweeping campaign to root out deeply ingrained corruption, warning that the problem is so bad it could affect the ruling Communist Party`s grip on power.

Jul 07, 2017, 13:45 PM IST

Terminally ill Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's condition worsens

The health of dissident Liu Xiaobo, who has terminal stage liver cancer, has worsened.

Jul 06, 2017, 20:01 PM IST

Australia accused of spying on China: Chinese media

An investigation by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax Media found the country's political elite had been warned two years ago about taking donations from two billionaires with links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Jun 29, 2017, 15:51 PM IST

China's Xi Jinping tells Hong Kong he seeks ''far-reaching future'' for its autonomy

Britain returned Hong Kong to Chinese rule on July 1, 1997, under a "one country, two systems" formula which guarantees wide-ranging freedoms and judicial independence unseen in mainland China. 


Jun 29, 2017, 14:00 PM IST

China's party paper trumpets United Nations rights resolution as combating West's monopoly

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday adopted a China-led resolution on "The Contribution of Development to the Enjoyment of All Human Rights, the first time it had adopted a resolution on development issues, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Jun 24, 2017, 15:48 PM IST

China turns up legal pressure on exiled tycoon Guo

Chinese prosecutors have filed new lawsuits against employees of firms connected to fugitive Guo Wengui, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday, as Beijing turns up the pressure on the tycoon at the centre of a feud with the ruling Communist Party.

Jun 17, 2017, 18:36 PM IST

Rajasthan SHOCKER: Social worker lynched for resisting photography of women defecating in open

A 44 year old man social worker was reportedly beaten to death by muncipality employees in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan as he tried to stop them from taking photographs of Muslim women who had come out of their homes and were relieving themselves in open.

Jun 17, 2017, 09:29 AM IST

Electoral process to elect new Nepal PM halted

The electoral process to elect new Nepal Prime Minister has been halted in Nepal due to the disruption by opposition Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) in Parliament over the vote count in Bharatpur.

Jun 04, 2017, 18:20 PM IST