Newborn baby

Newborn named 'Mirage' to celebrate IAF airstrikes on JeM terror camps in Pakistan

A new-born baby in Rajasthan's Nagore has been named 'Mirage' to celebrate Tuesday's airstrikes conducted by the Mirage 2000 fighter jets of the Indian Air Force on a terror camp run by Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan's Balakot.

Feb 27, 2019, 18:53 PM IST

Breastfeeding can be a challenge, say experts. Nine secrets every mom should know

As the experts say breastfeeding is a learning process in which both the counterparts are learning, hence it needs a lot of patience and it may take a few days to weeks to master it. 

Jan 23, 2018, 19:15 PM IST

Newborn girl found dumped in garbage, bitten by ants

The infant was found in polybag, swarmed with ants, by a tea stall owner. 

Oct 17, 2017, 14:10 PM IST

Watch: Doctors' argument in ICU results in death of newborn baby

Watch how a fight between 2 doctors in ICU resulted in death of a newborn baby. The incident took place in Jodhpur's Umaid Hospital during the operation of a pregnant lady.

Aug 30, 2017, 14:31 PM IST

Newborn baby walking immediately after birth has social media in awe! - WATCH VIDEO

The video that went viral as soon as it was posted, shows a newborn baby – just fresh out of its mother's womb – draped over a nurse's arm and actually balancing on its feet and walking on the bed as if it's the most common thing ever!

May 28, 2017, 16:31 PM IST

Sushma Swaraj goes extra mile to help parents of 4-day-old baby born with heart ailments

The help offered by EAM Sushma Swaraj to a four-day-old boy having a serious heart ailment has given a ray of hope to the newborn's parents.

Jan 27, 2017, 15:21 PM IST

Overweight mothers have larger babies: Study

 Overweight or obese women give birth to larger babies, says new research which could make some pregnant women think twice before reaching for that box of ice cream.

Mar 16, 2016, 04:59 AM IST

Watch: Touching moment when a newborn clings to its mother, refuses to let go!

Zee Media Bureau/Ritu Singh

Aug 10, 2015, 14:42 PM IST

Health Ministry seeks report from Delhi hospitals over newborn's death

The Union Health Ministry has sought a report from two hospitals here for denying treatment to a newborn baby having respiratory problems, resulting in its death.

Jul 07, 2015, 18:22 PM IST

Poor tribal couple 'sells' newborn in Tripura, officials say they 'gifted'

Did grinding poverty force a poor tribal couple living in western Tripura's Khowai district to sell their one-day-old son since the expenses for bringing him up were too much for them to bear? It depends on which way you look at it.

Jun 10, 2015, 10:49 AM IST

Newborn baby, child among four found dead in Gibraltar flat

Police in Gibraltar are investigating the death of a family of four, including a six-week-old baby girl and her four-year-old sister, who were found dead today in a flat in the tiny British territory.

Mar 31, 2015, 01:12 AM IST

'Twin fetuses' found inside newborn baby in Hong Kong

  In an extremely rare medical occurrence, a pair of fetuses have been found inside the body of a newborn baby girl in Hong Kong, who has recovered from a surgery to remove the mass of tissue.

Feb 10, 2015, 21:09 PM IST

Shakira, Gerard Pique bring their newborn baby home

Pop star Shakira was discharged from hospital just four days after giving birth to her second son with Gerard Pique, Sasha Pique Mebarak.

Feb 04, 2015, 11:03 AM IST

HC seeks Centre's reply on PIL seeking scheme for newborns with birth defects

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought a response of the Centre on a PIL for putting in place health insurance policies and a national programme for management of birth defects to ensure that foetuses with congenital problems are not aborted due to high cost of treating such children.

Aug 27, 2014, 22:42 PM IST

How birth gets newborn`s brain ready to sense the world

A new study has revealed that the actual act of birth in mice causes a reduction in a brain chemical called serotonin in the newborn mice, triggering sensory maps to form.

Oct 15, 2013, 15:36 PM IST

New born baby rescued from toilet pipe in China

A newborn baby was rescued by the Chinese firefighter from a sewage pipe after he was flushed down the toilet, according to BBC.

May 28, 2013, 14:01 PM IST

TN: Newborn baby found abandoned on road

A newborn baby with umbilical
cord intact was found abandoned on the road near Thanjavur on Sunday.

Mar 18, 2012, 19:30 PM IST

Newborn baby found abandoned in train`s toilet

In a shocking case, a newborn
baby girl was found abandoned inside the toilet of a train
which arrived at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station.

Feb 16, 2011, 00:39 AM IST

Monkey kills newborn baby in Malaysia

A newborn baby girl was
killed in Malaysia by a monkey who snatched her from house, bit
her face and neck and later dropped the child from a rooftop.

Oct 07, 2010, 20:48 PM IST

Newborn baby found alive in Manila airport garbage

The baby has been given the name George Francis after Gulf Air code name GF.

Sep 13, 2010, 09:11 AM IST