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Artificial muscles that can lift 12,600 times their own weight

Using carbon fiber, a very strong light-weight material which is readily commercially available, researchers have designed artificial muscles capable of lifting up to 12,600 times their own weight.

Apr 18, 2018, 16:27 PM IST

Poor sleep may raise obesity risk in kids

Besides healthy eating and exercise, getting enough sleep may also be a key factor in managing weight in children and adolescents, a new study has found.

Apr 17, 2018, 17:08 PM IST

Obesity increases cancer risk in young adult: Study

A new study has revealed that obesity increases the risk of developing cancer in young adults. Obesity often leads to cancer in older adults, but now it has increased in young adults.

Mar 28, 2018, 10:22 AM IST

Trying to lose weight? This diabetes drug may help you

This is a good news for all those people who want to shed their extra kilos.

Mar 19, 2018, 16:09 PM IST

83-year-old woman closes her mouth for the first time in a month – Here's why

An 83-year-old woman from Pune was finally able to close her mouth after going through a complicated jaw surgery.

Mar 13, 2018, 15:58 PM IST

Number of years spent in obesity may up heart damage risk

Maintaining a healthy weight across the lifespan is important for keeping the heart healthy and minimising damage as people age, the researchers said.

Feb 21, 2018, 17:32 PM IST

How social media could help you lose weight

Researchers say individuals are more likely to realise success with personal goals when they make a public commitment to attaining them.

Nov 29, 2017, 18:39 PM IST

How do we assess food? Our weight gives us indication

Researchers have found that that people of normal weight tend to associate natural foods such as apples with their sensory characteristics.

Sep 23, 2017, 14:26 PM IST

Stool or blood samples can tell whether you can lose weight

Diet should be changed according to the gut bacteria imbalances so that the level of both Prevotella or Bacteroides can be balanced.

Sep 19, 2017, 00:10 AM IST

Artificial sweeteners may be counterproductive to dieting

According to a study, sweeteners combined with a low carbohydrate diet can significantly increase the quantity of calories consumed.

Aug 03, 2017, 14:14 PM IST

Want to lose that fat around your belly? Having a big breakfast daily might help!

The findings showed that people who ate more than three meals daily and made dinner their largest meal were at the risk of developing a higher BMI -- associated with increased of risks of various diseases.

Jul 21, 2017, 19:45 PM IST

Want to shed those extra kilos? Add acupuncture in your weight loss plan!

A new study suggests that acupuncture is an effective way to lose weight.

Jul 04, 2017, 22:33 PM IST

This is why dieting may not help you to lose weight!

Researchers said that human bodies tend to compensate by sparing energy, limiting the number of calories that we burn and hence affect our weight loss regimen.

May 24, 2017, 18:12 PM IST

Beware women! Gaining 1.74 kg per year can make you obese in late 40s

The study found that women who gained 0.19 kg per year remained healthy weight, 0.84 kg/year became overweight and 1.74 kg/year became obese.

May 19, 2017, 22:05 PM IST

Fathers take note! Your vitamin D intake may impact child's height, weight

A new study has revealed that a father's pre-conception vitamin D intake may impact his child's height and weight at five years old.

May 19, 2017, 18:21 PM IST

Struggling to lose weight? Try `8 Hour Diet` - Brunch at 10am, lunch at 1pm, final meal by 6pm

The `8 Hour Diet` proposes that limiting your food intake to just eight hours of the day is an easy diet technique that supports weight control.

May 03, 2017, 15:49 PM IST

Preventing weight gain in adults may reduce risk of Type-2 diabetes, says study

Middle-aged adults should maintain a healthy weight and lose some weight as preventing weight gain might reduce their chances of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Feb 07, 2017, 18:32 PM IST

Want to lose weight? Just alter your eating schedule!

With eTRF, people eat their last meal by the mid-afternoon and do not eat again until breakfast the next morning.

Jan 08, 2017, 16:55 PM IST

Marathon running: Top five benefits of the exercise

It would be no exaggeration if marathon is said to be a sport that includes an assortment of advantages from physical to psychological

Jan 05, 2017, 02:50 AM IST

Want to lose weight? Eat these foods!

 Who doesn't like to lose weight? Well, everyone does and might have also tried doing every possible things to get rid of those extra fats.

Dec 07, 2016, 22:10 PM IST