Heart rate fluctuations affect wisdom

The study is also help scientists to understand wise reasoning better.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Heartbeat fluctuations can affect one's wisdom, according to a recent the study.

The researchers from University of Waterloo and Australian Catholic University found that our thinking process and heartbeat fluctuations are interconnected and also affects our wise reasoning in some complex social issues.

Scientists worldwide claim that the study is a milestone in the field of wisdom research.

The researchers also identified conditions under which psychophysiology impacts wise judgement.

"Our research shows that wise reasoning is not exclusively a function of the mind and cognitive ability," said Igor Grossmann from University of Waterloo.

The findings published in online journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience showed for the first time that heart's functioning is actually associated with wise judgement.

The study revealed that people with greater heart rate variability are better at wise reasoning.

"However, that does not necessarily mean these people are wiser - in fact, some people may use their cognitive skills to make unwise decisions. To channel their cognitive abilities for wiser judgement, people with greater heart rate variability first need to overcome their egocentric viewpoints," Grossman added.

The study will also help scientists to understand wise reasoning better.

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