IPL- Indian Planetary League!

As 9 teams continue to clash against each other in the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League, here is an analysis by celebrity astrologer Sundeep Koachar about how the lucrative league would turn out to be this year.

Started on 4th April exactly after Mercury becomes direct, promising more moolah and connectivity to spectators and TV audience.

IPL-5 is coinciding with 2012, which comes out to be 5 as well, the planet Mercury which may promise more revenue & reach than before.

Inspite of Mercury becoming direct on the same evening, two other important planets, Mars and Saturn, will remain retrograde, promising some surprising ups and down for the teams.

Mars is the planet for energy and leadership, so there would be surprise elements from the weaker teams as well, the tendency to bounce back will keep them in the fray till the last leg.

Saturn in retrogression (moving in opposite direction) may lead to some delays in the fortunes of the leading teams on the paper. Saturn and Jupiter in the opposition will take the state of the game to next level.

Mars will start moving in the direct motion soon after, promising renewed energy in the game, with few surprising performances from the leading players (including captains).

The only check would be Saturn and Sun opposition, forcing some disputes among authorities and the owners, on some issues, adding spice to the hot game in the hotter summer.

In May Sun will again shift to next sign joining Venus and Ketu and aspected by Rahu, again creating some controversies in the fairness of the game and their monetary transactions would be under lens.

In the middle of the tournament, Venus will start moving in the reverse order, forcing media to make stories (read scandals) of players with ‘maya’, which could be ‘memsaab’ as well.

On May 16th Morning Saturn, moving reverse, will leave it’s exaltation position and will move back to Virgo, forcing some major upsets in the point chart. Few will be relieved and others will be in soup because of this moment of Saturn.

And then the daddy of planetary movement will take place 10 days before the final match, Jupiter will be moving to Taurus and will be responsible for some unexpected dilemmas among teams. Jupiter will not be comfortable with Ketu, Venus and aspect of Rahu.
Last time the same association of Jupiter-Rahu was responsible for global recession. So let’s keep our finger crossed (few believes in keeping legs crossed as well).

There would be 7 planets aligned towards the end of the tournament signaling some major events globally including natural and unnatural changes around us (deliberately not using the word ‘disaster’ here).

Most of the owners are following astrology, numerology or any other superstition available to them, including choosing of particular colors of the uniform or sitting in a particular place while watching the game and assigning a particular jersey number to the players; which according to me plays no role in the performance of the players. (Otherwise husbands would be wearing lucky number shirts for better performance at home for a great-married life or in offices it would yield more productivity from the staff).

Even I start believing, that with the rise in superstitions among owners, IPL would be labeled as Indian Planetary League.

The time has come to grow up from all these superstitions and enjoy the game. The only help from the astrologers would be to get some motivation and counseling, by knowing the potential of the individual and then connect with the inner energy to perform at the ultimate level. Next time team owners should take astro-guidance, at the time of bidding, to find the best horoscopes for their teams, which would be the wisest thing to do!

May the brightest stars win!