Hart admits Manchester United punished Man City`s inconsistency in PL

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2013, 14:54 PM IST

London: Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart has branded old rivals Manchester United as a killing machine, adding the ruthless Red Devils have brutally punished their inconsistencies this season in the Premier League title race.

United boast a 15-point advantage over City at the top of the Premier League and Hart said hopes of back-to-back titles at The Etihad had all but faded as their run-in now needed to be pretty perfect.

Hart said they worked so hard to get the title that they are never going to just give it away, adding he would imagine from the outside it looks that way but that`s just not the case.

The England custodian added Man City players are working hard and it`s a tough league, adding it`s hard to win games.

Hart said unfortunately when they do lose, United stretch that lead and it has been disappointing, but they would keep going.

Hart added he doesn`t know what is different to last season and he would love to know, adding it would have been rectified and they have done well, but they have been up against a killing machine that has kept turning out results no matter what.