Liverpool striker Suarez reignites racist row with Evra by attacking Man U

Updated: Jul 18, 2012, 13:20 PM IST

London: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has reignited his feud with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra over his race ban last season, claiming he was victim of a conspiracy by the politically powerful 19-times English champions.

Suarez, who is currently back in Uruguay preparing for the Olympics, will have disappointed Anfield officials by going on record again about the episode with Evra last October.

During an interview with a Uruguayan TV station, Suarez revealed that he had been ordered by Liverpool’s hierarchy not to speak over the uproar, for which he received an eight-match ban.

An unrepentant Suarez also caused a storm when he refused to shake hands with Evra before a Barclays Premier League game at Old Trafford on February 4, but the striker believes he was misunderstood.

“It was a misunderstanding, what happened between me and Evra at Old Trafford when we were to shake hands. In fact, I think it was all arranged against me again, as it had happened with the punishment,” a daily quoted Suarez, as saying.

“I promised my wife, the manager and the directors that I was going to shake my hand with Evra. “Why not?” I thought, because I had no problems with him. I had been punished because of him, but I had no problems with shaking hands,” he added.

“The media in England showed the moment when I passed in front of him, but they didn’t see that he had his hand low before. Only the media in Uruguay and Spain showed that I wanted to shake his hand,” he said.

Suarez further added: “People at the club are sure that it was a way that Manchester United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool. But in England, Man United has this political power, and you have to respect that and shut your mouth.”