South Africa`s Zuma survives no-confidence vote

South African President Jacob Zuma survived a vote of no confidence in parliament Tuesday after being reviled by opposition parties as a thief who was destroying Nelson Mandela`s legacy.

South Africa`s Zuma faces showdown in parliament

South African President Jacob Zuma faces a showdown with radical lawmakers who are threatening to disrupt his nationally-televised state of the nation address in Parliament Thursday.

South Africa's ''Prime Evil'' apartheid killer de Kock up for parole

Apartheid death-squad leader Eugene de Kock, dubbed `Prime Evil` for his role in the torture and murder of black South African activists in the 1980s and early 1990s, will learn on Friday whether he will be released on parole after 20 years in prison.

S.African president urges ANC to return to 'core values'

South Africa`s President Jacob Zuma said Saturday the ruling African National Congress needs to get back to its core values and fight corruption in its own ranks.

South Africa`s Zuma calls China an anti-colonial force

South African President Jacob Zuma said on Friday that China`s growing influence in Africa would allow the continent to free itself from "colonial shackles" as he wound up a visit to Beijing.

Prominent South African politician Jackson Mthembu shot in robbery

A prominent member of South Africa's ruling party was shot in the chest during a robbery at an ATM in the country's east, the African National Congress said today.

South African court postpones Malema corruption trial

A South African court on Tuesday suspended the corruption trial of firebrand politician Julius Malema, pushing the high-profile case against the self-appointed graft-buster back by nearly a year.

S.Africa president Zuma discharged from hospital

South Africa`s President Jacob Zuma left hospital late Sunday, the day after he was admitted for routine tests following a bout of exhaustion, this office said.

Mbeki`s mother, S.Africa struggle veteran, dies at 98

Veteran anti-apartheid activist Epainette Mbeki, the mother of former president Thabo Mbeki, died today aged 98, her family and the government announced.

Jacob Zuma elected president of South Africa

Jacob Zuma was Wednesday elected President of South Africa by members of the National Assembly.

ANC only true hope for most South Africans: Zuma

African National Congress (ANC) "remains the only true hope for majority of our people, particularly the poor and the working class", President Jacob Zuma said Saturday.

Zuma promises to work with all in new South African govt

A victorious President Jacob Zuma on Saturday pledged to work with all South Africans, irrespective of which party they voted for, to build a better life for the all the country`s citizens.

South Africa`s victorious ANC shrugs off slide in support

South Africa`s ruling ANC shrugged off a slide in its support as results Friday showed it had won an overwhelming election victory, while the opposition hailed its own improved showing.

South Africans vote in first `Born Free` election

South Africans voted in the first "Born Free" election on Wednesday, although polls suggest the allure of the ruling African National Congress as the conqueror of apartheid will prevail even among those with no memory of white-minority rule.

South Africa set for polls, ANC expected to win again

Despite widespread discontent with the current government over corruption and unemployment, the ruling ANC is expected to win tomorrow`s fifth democratic election in South Africa since anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela first took power in 1994 after decades of white rule.

South Africa to vote after nostalgia-tinged campaign

More than 25 million South Africans -- including a "born free" generation electing a government for the first time -- are expected to vote in the country`s fifth all-race general election Wednesday.

South Africa to hold election in May

South Africa will go to the polls on May 7, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday, in what is expected to be the most hotly contested elections since the ruling African National Congress (ANC) came to power in 1994.

Nelson Mandela leaves $4 million estate to family, staff and ANC

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has left his USD 4.1 million estate to family members, the ruling African National Congress, former staff and several local schools, according to a reading of his will on Monday.

Search for survivors suspended at collapsed South Africa mall

South African emergency workers said hope was fading on Wednesday of finding survivors under a collapsed half-built mall near Durban as heavy machinery was called in to remove the rubble.

South Africa losing `sleep` over growing Israeli settlements

South Africa has slammed Israel`s plans to build new settler homes in east Jerusalem as pro-Palestinian activists launched an international campaign for the release of political prisoners.