SC issues notice to govt on curbing leprosy in country

The Supreme Court Monday expressed concern over prevalence of leprosy in the country despite the disease being curable and sought explanation form Centre and state governments for their alleged failure to curb it.

WHO: More Ebola cases in past week than any other

The past week has seen the highest increase of Ebola cases since the outbreak in West Africa began, the World Health Organization said today, offering more evidence that the crisis is worsening.

SC notice to Centre on PIL for precautions against Ebola

 The Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the Centre on a PIL seeking immediate steps for proper screening of international flyers coming to India from Ebola virus-affected countries to prevent the deadly virus from spreading.

'Humanized' mice antibody may help cure Sudan ebolavirus

A new study has revealed that a "humanized' version of an antibody, which was made in mice, may help cure the most lethal strain of Ebola, Sudan ebolavirus (SUDV).

Marijuana compound may halt Alzheimer's progression

A new study has revealed that very low levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, compound found in marijuana may slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Baby may have infected Briton with deadly Ebola virus

A British nurse infected with Ebola may have caught the deadly virus after playing with a one-year-old boy whose mother had died in a treatment centre but who himself had initially tested negative for the disease, a medical colleague said.

Four suspected Ebola patients in Kenya test negative

The Kenyan government Monday dismissed fears of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in the country, saying that four patients admitted to hospital with Ebola-like symptoms have tested negative.

New tool to detect gene mutations

Researchers have devised a way to analyse genome sequences in what could help physicians map the risk of various afflictions, including cancer and autism.

How some cancer cells migrate to distant locations

Some cancer cells transform themselves from "economy model to a fast sports car" and breakaway from cells traffic jam to migrate to distant locations, aggravating the disease in the process, says a study.

Ebola virus: Ensure health checks at IGI airport, BJP urges Delhi LG

BJP has urged Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung to ensure that proper health checks are done at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here to ensure that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa does not spread to India.

Parkinson`s disease leads to depression

A new study has suggested that depression is a common indication of Parkinson`s disease but it remains untreated for many patients.

Ebola-hit states plead for more help, WHO rebuked for slow response

Two West African nations and a medical charity fighting the world`s worst Ebola epidemic chided the WHO on Friday for its slow response, saying more action was needed to save victims threatened by the disease and hunger.

MSF says Ebola `moving faster` than they can handle

The Ebola crisis in west Africa is outstripping the ability of aid organisations to stem the epidemic, the head of international medical charity MSF said today, likening it to a war.

New hope for curing malaria

A new research has developed a fresh computational method to study the function of disease-causing genes with a new discovery of a gene associated with malaria.

Vitamin D deficiency in women affects conceiving through IVF

A new study has suggested that women with lack of Vitamin D were nearly half as likely to conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF) as compared to women who had sufficient levels of the vitamin.

Indian doctors in Nigeria creating unnecessary scare: Primus hospital

The Primus Hospital here, that employs the four Indian doctors in Nigeria wanting to return home due to an alleged Ebola scare, Thursday accused them of creating `unnecessary scare` and `cheating` their profession.

How most vital TB drug attacks its target revealed

A new study has provided a better insight into the mechanism behind the key medication of tuberculosis (TB) attacking the dormant TB bacteria in order to shorten treatment.

Mouth bacteria changes its diet when you are sick

Bacteria inside the mouth change their metabolism when a person is diseased, according to a new study which may lead to better ways to prevent gum disease, diabetes and Crohn`s disease.

Blueberry consumers prefer taste over health

A study has revealed that most of the blueberry buyers consume the fruit for its taste and not the health benefits.

Ebola disease under intense surveillance by government

The government is maintaining intensive surveillance to prevent the spread of the dreaded Ebola disease in the country.