Cervical cancer: Watch out for these warning signs!

Cervical cancer is a malignant tumour of the uterine cervix.

DNA: Mobile phone addiction takes on a new level; spreads like a disease - PartII

Older people too are getting addicted to mobile phones theses days. Watch complete new story of DNA to get detailed updates.

DNA: Mobile phone addiction takes on a new level; spreads like a disease

Excessive use of mobile phones is emerging as a new disease in world where people can no longer resist themselves of using mobile phones. Watch complete new story of DNA to get detailed updates.

Single antibody infusions found promising against HIV

 A single antibody infusion can protect monkeys against infection with an HIV-like virus for up to 23 weeks, researchers have found.

Inhalation therapy, a key to win big against asthma

When we think of Asthma, we picture a sneezing or a wheezing individual who seems to be perpetually ill. But is this the case every time? Often we try to run away from the harsh reality of the disease and ignore it, making the situation worst.

Dawood suffering from gangrene: Report

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Countries on verge of beating malaria face new threat, study says

Nations on the verge of eliminating malaria risk falling short of their goal, just as it lies within reach, due to funding being shifted elsewhere, researchers said on Thursday.

How to prevent worm infestation in children!

Worm infestation can be quickly and well treated with modern drugs which are freely available in the market.

Want to live longer? Cut down your sitting time by 71 minutes!

A new study suggests that reducing sitting time at work by 71 minutes per day can have positive effect in the long.

Detox your liver with these 5 superfoods!

Here are top five liver-friendly foods that can include in your daily diet.

How cancer cells turn healthy cells to the 'dark side'

 Cancer cells force neighbouring healthy tissue into helping with the disease's growth and spread, a new study has found, shedding light on how cancer cells and normal cells communicate with each other.

Lab grown beta cells may soon make diabetes history

A team of researchers has brought the end of diabetes closer to reality by announcing a new breakthrough that could lead directly to a cure and not just a treatment for the disease.

Daily aspirin can keep you `hearty` in your 50s

People in their 50s with risk factors for cardiovascular disease can benefit from popping one aspirin daily, says a government-appointed panel of independent experts.

Why Alzheimer's patients can't recognise their loved ones

Alzheimer's steals not only the memory but also the ability to recognise your loved ones and now, a recent study has revealed why it is so.

Australia must have 'sugar tax' to fight diabetes: Expert

 Australia should follow Britain's lead and impose a "sugar tax" in order to curb the skyrocketing number of diabetes cases, a leading health expert said on Thursday.

World Health Day 2016: Diabetes cases rise fourfold to 422 million people

A new report has revealed that since 1980, the number of adults with diabetes worldwide has quadrupled from 108 million to 422 million in 2014.

Irregular biological cycle may worsen Parkinson's disease

 Chronic lack of sleep and irregular sleep-wake cycles that disturb the biological cycle are likely to risk the onset of Parkinson's disease as well as worsen the disease, warns a new study.

You may be diabetic if you have these symptoms!

The warning of diabetes are so mild that you might not even notice them.

Five common signs of ovarian cancer!

Ovarian cancer is also known as 'silent cancer' because it does not show any symptoms for a long time.

Blood test to predict your risk of developing TB

 An international team of researchers has identified biological markers in the blood that can help doctors predict who is at high risk of developing active tuberculosis (TB).