Alzheimer's drug more effective than current pill

A promising new form of medication aimed at treating Alzheimer's has showed signs that it may be four times more effective than the current pill.

Increasing coffee intake bad for your brain

While drinking your daily cup of coffee can help you stay sharp, modifying your habit by increasing coffee consumption over time may increase risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and dementia, says new research.

Diabetics more prone to developing dementia

A new research has suggested that type 1 diabetes patients could face a greater risk of developing dementia. 

Alzheimer's may be ''at work'' years ahead of actual symptoms

It turns out that the Alzheimer`s disease could be already "at work" in the brain while the actual symptoms appear years later.

Dr Reddy's launches generic dementia treatment tablets in US

 Drug firm Dr Reddy's Laboratories has launched in the US market the generic Memantine hydrochloride tablets used for treatment of dementia of the Alzheimer's type.

Baby boomers brains could reveal secrets of dementia

The brains of baby boomers - those born between the years 1946 and 1964 - could hold the key to unlocking the secrets of dementia, scientists believe.

Diabetes complications tied to higher risk of dementia

People who have diabetes and experience high rates of complications are more likely to develop dementia as they age than those who have fewer diabetic complications, according to a new study.

Memory, thinking tests may hint at Alzheimer's 18 yrs before diagnosis

As per a new study, errors on memory and thinking tests may signal Alzheimer's up to 18 years before the disease can be diagnosed.

Language map of brain to restore language redrawn

A language map of brain that will help develop better therapies to restore language has been redrawn, says new research.

Scientists discover speedometer in brain

Researchers have discovered how the brain keeps pace with your speed while driving or finding your destination.

Lost your sense of smell? It may signal higher risk of death

 Older adults with a reduced ability to identify certain odours have an increased risk of dying within the next four years, an Indian-origin scientist has found.

Protein that causes memory loss in healthy brains

A brain protein believed to be a key component in the progress of dementia can cause memory loss in healthy brains even before physical signs of degeneration appear, says a new University of Sussex study.

Cannabis pills falls short in curing Dementia's behavioral symptoms

Medical marijuana pills may not be able to treat behavioral symptoms of dementia, such as aggression, pacing and wandering, claims a new study.

Astronauts at high risk of dementia-like condition

What happens to an astronaut's brain during a mission to Mars? Nothing good. It's besieged by destructive particles that can forever impair cognition, reveals a new study.

Extended cosmic ray exposure may leave Mars bound astronauts with dementia
Extended cosmic ray exposure may leave Mars bound astronauts with dementia

Astronauts who have extended mission on Mars may suffer dementia due to the exposure to galactic cosmic ray for long.

Air pollution bad for your brain too

Long-term exposure to fine particle air pollution may cause subtle structural changes in the brain that increase risks of poor cognitive function and dementia, says a study.

High-skill jobs raise survival chances in dementia

People with more demanding jobs may live longer even after developing a form of dementia than people with less skilled jobs, says a new study.

Depression, diabetes tied to high dementia risk

Individuals diagnosed with either depression or diabetes, or both, are at increased risk of dementia compared with people who have neither condition, says a new study.

Immune system link to Alzheimer`s disease: US study

The immune system may play a part in Alzheimer`s disease, US researchers have discovered, in a breakthrough which could lead to the development of new treatments for the most common form of dementia.

Obesity could protect against dementia: Study

Middle-aged obese people have nearly 30 per cent lower risk of developing dementia than people of a healthy weight, a surprising new study has claimed.