Watch: Mysterious fireball over Bangkok sky!

Watch: Mysterious fireball over Bangkok sky!

A mysterious fireball was spotted blazing through the northern sky of Bangkok on Monday leaving a trail of smoke and busy commuters perplexed.

Fireball seen in night sky in US West was likely Chinese rocket

 A fireball spotted streaking across the night sky late on Monday in the western United States was almost certainly the body of a rocket used by China in December to launch a satellite, an astronomer said Tuesday.

Mystery behind fireball after gamma ray burst revealed

NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered that short-duration gamma ray bursts are produced by the merger of two small, super-dense stellar objects.

`Fireball` meteor streaks across US sky

NASA has said that the large vibrant meteor which shot through the US sky shortly after 7:50 pm on Friday appeared to be "a single meteor event."